How Altenew Alcohol Markers Make It Easy for Beginners

by Irick Arbuso

Are you a beginner crafter looking to improve your blending techniques with alcohol markers? Do you find alcohol markers a bit intimidating?

Handmade flower card colored using Altenew alcohol marker sets

In this blog post, we'll explore how Altenew's alcohol markers can help you overcome common blending challenges and provide you with basic tips to take your coloring skills to the next level.

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Eliminating the Guesswork with Altenew Alcohol Markers

Altenew's alcohol markers are a game-changer for crafters and cardmakers. These markers take the guesswork out of coordinating colors, ensuring perfect harmony between stamped images and colored designs. This means no more wasted time and resources on trial and error, and no more frustration over mismatched colors. With our artist markers, you can have confidence that your colored designs will coordinate seamlessly with your stamped images every time.

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Smooth Blending Capabilities

Altenew's artist markers are known for their smooth blending capabilities, making them perfect for beginners. Unlike other markers that can leave harsh lines and uneven coverage, our markers glide effortlessly across the paper, allowing you to create seamless color transitions with ease. Whether you're blending two colors together or creating a gradient effect, our alcohol markers make it simple to achieve a professional finish every time.

Overcoming Common Alcohol Marker Challenges

As a beginner, you may have encountered challenges when using markers, such as:

  • Harsh lines between colors
  • Uneven coverage
  • Difficulty achieving smooth transitions

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Basic Alcohol Marker Techniques and Tips

To help you master blending with Altenew's alcohol markers, here are some tips to guide you through different blending techniques:

  • Layering: Start by applying the lightest color first, then gradually layer the darker color on top. You can also add dark colors first then light colors next, it depends on your design. Use small circular motions to blend the colors together, creating a seamless transition.

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  • Gradient Blending: Choose two or more colors that are close in shade and start by applying the lightest color at one end of your design. Then, gradually transition to the darker color, blending the two colors together in the middle for a beautiful gradient effect.
  • Creating Seamless Color Transitions: To achieve seamless color transitions, experiment with different color combinations and practice blending them together. The key is to use a light hand and build up the colors gradually to avoid any harsh lines.

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Must-Try Alcohol Marker Ideas

  1. Heat emboss your images, color with markers, and add some white highlights around the image/s. Check out the tutorial by Erum here.
  2. Use your markers to add a quick splash of color to your background. Here's a tutorial by Lydia.
  3. Stamp your images on colored cardstock (lighter colors like pale gray or beige) and start coloring away! Learn more about this marker technique here.
  4. Have you tried stippling on vellum? Erum's got you! Check out her tutorial here.
  5. Don't be afraid to try no-line coloring. Here are some tips from Aga.

Get more marker coloring tips and ideas here.

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Do you struggle with alcohol markers? Which technique is your favorite? Comment below!

We hope you enjoyed these basic tips and ideas on using markers. Feel free to check out our Alcohol Marker collection and grab your favorite sets before they're gone.

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