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Winners will be announced on 10/23/2021

$100 Gift Certificate

$20 Gift Certificate:

Please contact us by 11/02/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Maria Giselle M. Batan, Sara Kelley

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Robin Frechette, Diane Hunter, Carolyn Reiners, Jennifer Hollifield, Maggie Henry, Cheryl Van Venrooij, Pat Madison, Lisa Reyes

Please contact us by 10/30/2021 to claim your prize.

ALTENEW VIDEO – $25 Gift Certificate: Annemarie Caister

• DESIGNER VIDEOS – $25 Gift Certificate: Susan Stratton, RitaMaria Castillo, Ritzy Hag, Judy Mason, Nancy Probst, Ann Tolman, Kathy Marine

Please contact us by 10/26/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $35 Gift Certificate: DeeAnn Kleinschmidt, Helen Liu

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Barbara Lassiter, Li Cous, Angie Littlewood, Dawn Turley, Melissa Leftrick

• Inlikz Party – $15 Gift Certificate: BIJill Schultz, Cindy Chiu

Please contact us by 10/19/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: LaQuieta Gibson, Dorothy Ayotte

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Cristina Lopez, Sandy Swayze, Sue Leven, Martha Aschenbrenner, Stacey Myers

Please contact us by 10/25/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Megan Decker, Alexandra Young

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Maria Alder, Lyn Goldinger, Terri Sandoval, Barbara Kaja, Joni J. Seith, Debbie Witt, Amy Cooley, Monika Davis

Please contact us by 10/23/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Sandi Atkinson, Yvonne Boucher

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Petritis Laurie, Jan Castle, Marge Burns, Nelya, 
Linda Lofton

Please contact us by 10/19/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Carol Mleziva, Kim Conant

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Sandi Leon, Robi Wax, Shawn Wood, Carrie Doty, Bessie Phillips

Please contact us by 10/09/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate:  Lisa M Byers, Audrey D Rodriguez

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Silvia Minguzzi, Cathy Finkbeiner, Sarah Mixon, Danyelle Dillon, Carmela Hubler, Meghan Kennihan, Lori Spitzer, Sharon Youngblood

Please contact us by 10/03/2021 to claim your prize.

Instagram Hop Giveaway Winners

@pamwright266 | @jeepdgirl77 | @triciapodmore | @borrhello

Take a screenshot of our comment and send an email to with the subject “MD Very Berry IG Hop”

ALTENEW VIDEO – $25 Gift Certificate: Loretta Hauck, Lee Miner

• DESIGNER VIDEOS– $25 Gift Certificate: Nathalie Paquette, Susie Risk, Peggy Dickerson, Judy Adkins, Theresa Ross, Heather Bellino

Please contact us by 09/28/2021 to claim your prize.

AECP Instagram Hop Giveaway Winners

@mom4gma4 |@zubmomi@the.accidental.bakester | @bjordan54 | @v1ckm 

Please contact us by 09/27/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate:  Carolyn DeLeo, Kim Walth

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Doris Petherbridge, Betty McDougal, Catherine Milne, Danyelle Dillon, Loraine Pike, Yvonne Whittington, Lara Read, Susan Young

Please contact us by 09/30/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate:  Michelle Chockran, Jennifer Leonard

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Barbara Hill, Shari Czerwinski, Janelle Stone, Teri Vinson, Laura Rozsonits

Please contact us by 09/25/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate:  Kate OConnor, Tammie Leavitt

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Vicki Dutcher, 
Heather Bellino, Brenda McKinley, Tami Hardinger, Cynthia Storer, Nandini Karmarkar, Nicki Baxley, Lori Shad

Please contact us by 09/21/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate:  Verna Angerhofer, Kay Baetje

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Holley Downs, Marisela Delgado, Virginia Ellison, Jackie Posnansky, Jarmila Vik

Please contact us by 09/19/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate:  Jeannie Boudet, Linda Anderson

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Suzann Anderson, Marguerite Morrison, Ann Apolito, Carol Franklin, Jill Rauenhorst, Angela Fishburn, Jodi Clausen, Carol Tripp

Please contact us by 09/12/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate:  Daphne Hooyboer, Pauline Happel

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Shawn Harcrow, Susan Babcock, Rema DeLeeuw, Donna Degale-Kalloo, Lauryne Cunningham

Please contact us by 09/09/2021 to claim your prize.

ALTENEW VIDEO – $25 Gift Certificate:  Brenda Johnson, Christine Behrenwald

• DESIGNER VIDEO– $25 Gift Certificate: Amy Adams, Patty Eifert, Tricia Podmore, Kathy Eddy, Marie Hansen, Ritzy Hag

Please contact us by 08/31/2021 to claim your prize.

Instagram Hop Giveaway Winners   


Take a screenshot of our comment and send an email to with the subject “MD Happy Birthday IG Hop”


CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate:  Shai Ward, Frannie Reid

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Beverly Jordan,  Kathy Eddy, Pam Carr, Denise Bryant,  Sheri Kempke, Kathy Shank, Terri D. Scott, Carol Bellenfant

Please contact us by 08/30/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate:  Lea Ell, Aia Magiera

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Sandi MacIver, Cynthia Powell-Cobb, Vickie S Davis, Tammy Hanson, Michelle Pokorny

Please contact us by 08/25/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Kelly Vigliotti, Kim Salito

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Laurie Patterson, Chris Dulian , Marie Andersson, Maureen Reiss, Ann Acevedo, Angela C. Posch, Bunny Hoyle, Melodie Freund

Please contact us by 08/22/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Carol Speck, Victoria Milam

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Brenda Kuder, Bobbie Hahn, Robin Nelson, Tara Anderson, Lissette Long

Please contact us by 08/19/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Denise MacIntyre, Carol McCready

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Angela C. Posch, Patricia Brown, Sharon Newman, Karen Judy, Joan Mastronardi

Please contact us by 08/08/2021 to claim your prize.

ALTENEW VIDEO – $25 Gift Certificate: Linda C. Crowder, Patty J Fromherz

• DESIGNER VIDEOS– $25 Gift Certificate: Leisha Moore, Therese Hudran, Nan Gustafson, Beth Holt, Emily Newton, Cindy Slater

Please contact us by 08/02/2021 to claim your prize.

Instagram Hop Giveaway Winners 

@plman56@dcostanadia | @chark99 | @proflbl 

Take a screenshot of our comment and send an email to with the subject “MD Tiny Foliage IG Hop”


CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Jeanne Rice, Bev Chapman

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Jeannie Wolfe, Zinia Agosto, Katherine DeLozier, Louisa Mochizuki, Mandi Chau, Jania Johnson, Lauren Ronald, Amanda Dellamano

Please contact us by 07/30/2021 to claim your prize.

Apologies for the late announcement.  Claiming is extended 'til the July 30th,2021

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Hallie Larkin, Kathy Raker

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Susan Ferrando, Patricia Valker, Tiffani D Hawkins, Heike Carlson, April Larson

Please contact us by 07/30/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Dee Earnshaw, Karriane Goodwill

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Joni J. Seith, Gillian Smith, Carol Henderson, Zora Bergström, Gail Taillefer, Joan Fitzsimmon, Jacqueline Hall, Karen Barkman

Please contact us by 07/23/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Deborah Wagner, Diane Zalusky

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Patricia McMurray, MarcIa Scantlin, Marie Hansen, Beata Kania, Brenda Lee N

Please contact us by 07/19/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Tina Kahles, Nancy Wilcox

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Cyndi Morris, Amber Bissonnette, Beverly Jordan, Kelsey Thomas, Maxine Perry

INLINKZ – $15 Gift Certificate: Ann Taylor (@cardsbyann), Liz O (@unikbyliz)

Please contact us by 07/16/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Debi Payne, Tara Prince

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Mandi Fillmore, Karen Letchworth, Margi Chesbro, Allison Denny, Regina Kahles

Please contact us by 07/09/2021 to claim your prize.

Instagram Hop Giveaway Winners 

@janet_ribet |  @creativi_tacertee | @maureen97designs | @r0ckseatea 

Take a screenshot of our comment and send an email to with the subject “MD Mini Paintbox IG Hop”


CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Patty A Eifert, Mary Merrifield

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Debra Sutter, Kathy Perry, Joni Seith, Vivien Lee, Judy Mehm, Fonda Rush, Kathy Raker, Kim Coulter

Please contact us by 07/05/2021 to claim your prize.

ALTENEW VIDEO – $25 Gift Certificate: Barbara Taylor, Michele Wimpelberg

• DESIGNER VIDEOS– $25 Gift Certificate: Tomeka Dixon, Robin Becker, Jeannie Fannin, Kitty Robinson, Kelsey Thomas, Kimberly Deamer

Please contact us by 06/29/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Dorothy Jewell, Kay Furnish

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Jo Anna Grimsley, Natalie Godfrey, Vanessa Wachlin, Carmela Hubler, Terry Grosvenor

Please contact us by 06/25/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Carrie Arii, Beatrice Lawson

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Beverly Wilkinson, Beth Merrill, Glenda S. Wooldridge,  Susie Sonnier, Wanda S Radler, Norene Childs, Deb Selby, Annemarie Caister

Please contact us by 06/21/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Karen Erickson, Shasteen Murphy

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Joan E Sawyer, Marilyn Haselbauer, Renee Vanepps, Tricia Hoy, Anne Sturgeon

Please contact us by 06/19/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Meg Wilson,  Barbara-Jean Kubik

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Rhonda Wilson, Sallie Robinson, Beth Fralix, Gillie Runge, Talitha Wright

Please contact us by 06/09/2021 to claim your prize.


ALTENEW CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Jan Knecht, Glenda M Sultan

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Jenna Batik, Jody Jensen, Maria Del Valle, Kinjal Trivedi, Mary Wagner, Beth Bice, Brenda L Kuder, Jereena Ameen

Please contact us by 06/05/2021 to claim your prize.

ALTENEW VIDEO – $25 Gift Certificate: Retta Lutte, Lisa Gallivan

• DESIGNER VIDEO – $25 Gift Certificate: Sharon Donaghy, Sandy Swayze, Lyn Sale Huecker, Ronney Dawson, Kendra Turnage, Linda Towill

Please contact us by 05/31/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Catherine Oppenborn, Pamela K Melieste

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Katarina Menzies, Maureen Conneely, Carol Mleziva, Annette Phillips, Pauline Johnson

Please contact us by 05/29/2021 to claim your prize.


CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate:  Lyn Huecker, Kristine Boydstun

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Silvia Minguzzi, Mary Haynes, Sonja Woodward, Barbara Kohn, Sascha Bausch

Please contact us by 05/25/2021 to claim your prize.

Winners will be announced on 05/12/2021

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Donna Walls, Dianne Mahura

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Janet Ranieri, Maryann Merrill, Virginia Burns, Rema Deleeuw, Sherri Schmidt, Mary Ann Zander, Kimberly Murdock, Shawn Monninger

Please contact us by 05/22/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Nancy Cvitanich, Sandra Baggarly

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Theresa L Vinson, Jeanette Jones, Jan Gyore, Laura-Jane Smyth, Tonya Weidenhof

Please contact us by 05/18/2021 to claim your prize.


CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Donna De Gale-Kalloo, Joyce Fernald

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Gemma Hobbs-Ainley, Anisha Skariah, Jessica Yoder-Jones, Heidi Bolt, Cordelia Alderman

Please contact us by 05/17/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Leslie Frazier, Pat Bethke.

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Lucinda Szalankiewicz, Pauline Abeysekera, Karrie Lourenco, Lynda Greholver, Rachelle Arcaro.

Please contact us by 05/10/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Dilay Nacar, Lynn Pinkstaff

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Debbie Brogan, Veronica Petracchi, Deborah Crivello, Anneleise Hampson, Sam Burnett, Janelle Ess, Melissa Leftrick
Kathleen Groot

Please contact us by 05/07/2021 to claim your prize.


ALTENEW VIDEO – $25 Gift Certificate: Carol Wortman, Sandy Parson

• DESIGNER VIDEOS– $25 Gift Certificate: Katie Baird, Kristina Goodwin, Jo Griffiths, Libby Templeton, Robi Wax, Jeanne Beam

Please contact us by 05/03/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Sharon Dolan, Donnalee Williams

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Mary Ann Merrill, Annette Hindes, Mary Pizzimenti, Mirella Rogan, Miriam Prantner

Please contact us by 04/25/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $100 Gift Certificate: Tarina Holloway

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $25 Gift Certificate: Silvia Hutchinson, Gloria Smith, Janice Buol, Nicki Baxley, Yasmine Omar, Maree Rose, Lisa Byers, Amy Cooley.

Please contact us by 04/23/2021 to claim your prize.


CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Sandi Maciver, Stacey Kowbel

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Marge Peila,  Stef Perry, Beth Gruenke, Ruth Doherty, Isamar Pares

Please contact us by 04/19/2021 to claim your prize


CARD BLOG – $20 Gift Certificate: Jana Hwang, Roteja Galvan, Elizabeth Polimeni, Mirella Rogran, Anny Hale

DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Aileen Dalinoc, Marisela Delgado, Peg Frushour, Teresa McClennen, Joni Mastronardi, Elizabeth Kuhn, Sharon Gullikson, Roxanne Tellini, Jade McClung, Sheri Kempke, June Stengel, Kimberly Ligocki, Marilyn Bailey, Sarah Briddell, Helen Finlay, Ann Taylor, Sadia Ashraf, Lisa Lombardi-Bello, Dolores Good. 

INLINKZ – $15 Gift Certificate: Aarthi Shanmugam, Meghan Kennihan

Please contact us by 04/16/2021 to claim your prize.


CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Lynda Shrimpton, Anna Christopherson

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Laura McSweeney, Bonnie Jean Pleune, Mary Ann Reilly, Carmela Hubler, Natasha Vacca

Please contact us by 04/12/2021 to claim your prize.


ALTENEW VIDEO – $25 Gift Certificate: Mary Collier

• DESIGNER VIDEOS– $15 Gift Certificate:  Michelle Pokorny, Rosali Bartz, Bea Connor, Susan West, Kristine Boydstun, Hanna Lyons, Lara Read, Kelly Hunsaker, Veronica Hunt, Annette Reed, Donna Turner, Sharon Tate, Michelle Nolan, Linda Volovsek, Kanan Pandya. 

Please contact us by 04/10/2021 to claim your prize.

PAF Coral Sunset Blog Hop

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Brenda Newt, Charlene Frietchen

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Mischelle Smith, Susan A Anglesey, Heather Mills, Tracey Landt, Linda Conway

Please contact us by 04/08/2021 to claim your prize.

CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Nina C Houghton, Carolyn Mccall

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Sandy Gregg, Beverly Sizemore, Jill Rauenhorst, Christy Sugarito, Noelia Gutierrez , Alma Dirpaul, Joanne Hoffmann, Linda Price, Meghan Kennihan, Jennie Pugmire, 

Please contact us by 3/27/2021 to claim your prize.


• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Charity Chamberlain, Carla Page

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Margi Chesbro, Cris Jennes, Barbara Lassiter, Jasleen Kaur, Catherine Dalles

Please contact us by 3/25/2021 to claim your prize.

Blog hop winners

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Afshan Zaman, Paricia Norris.

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Carolyn Reiners, Katie Amodio, Carol McCready, Nancy Sherr, Patricia Doss. 

Please contact us by 3/19/2021 to claim your prize.

Blog hop winner

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Debbie Frank, Shaun Wenrich

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Gayle Hicks, Joni Mastronardi, Laurie Patterson, Amber Bissonnette, Roxanne Tellini

Please contact us by 3/10/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Jessica Jonasson, Gina Spears

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Cheryl Simmons, Charlotte O. Taylor, Wendy Falk, Michele K. Henderson, Giselaine Ellison, Carol Winburn, Lisa A. Strimple, Amanda Ward, Anuska Garai, Martha Aschenbrenner

Please contact us by 3/5/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Jade McClung, Sheri Kempke

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Kathy Andrew, Laurie Stunkel, Jenny Worden, Kathleen Johnson, Deann Macleod, Beth Boncher, Deepa Robins, Andreea Chivu, Ava Gavloski, Linda Poulson

Please contact us by 2/27/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Wanda B. Smith

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Astrid Van Beusekom, Inkin' Chickie, Becky Benson, Neha Choudhary, Diana Cable, Janice Berbin, Mirella Rogan, Brandi Case, Shawn Harcrow, Deborah S.

Please contact us by 2/23/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Patricia Platt, Roxanne Tellini

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Sandy Gaffney, Deborah Wainwright, Deepa Lakshman, Gail Russell, Sue Whitcomb, Leigh Gardner, Surekha Galagoda, Monika Davis, Dorothy Ayotte, Sandra Baggarly, Donna Petruso, Janet Kollar

Please contact us by 2/18/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Connie Griffin

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Marion M., Donna Mierzwa, Linda Wood, Kelly Duarte, Pai Meng, Kimberly Hopper, Glenda Wooldridge, Esther Asbury, Pam Boedeker, Mandi Chau

Please contact us by 2/15/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Lindsey Fabian

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Yvonne Boucher, Kathy Camp, Karen Brannon, Ann Apolito, Bev Karolak, Marla Trindade, Paula Barnes, Sue Wareham, Sarah Hounslow, Lora L. Bowman 

Please contact us by 2/10/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Jenny Namour

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Debbie Mullin, Janet Sisk, Monica C., Jane Schroeder, Patt H., Dee Earnshaw, Sharon Gullikson, Alma Dirpaul, Cherry Robinson, Angela Reed

Please contact us by 1/22/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Cathy Camp, Bunny Hoyle

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Vivian Swain, Christine P. Hawkins, Raphaela Klocker, Laurie M. Page, Joni J. Seith, Pai Meng, Sara Craig, Elizabeth Kuhn, Donna Mikasa, Andrea Palmer

Please contact us by 1/20/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Sue Mcrae

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Subhashini S., Sharon Brand, Nancy Wilcox, Cyndi Morris, Ann Reisinger, Linda Heithold, Kimberly Mayes, Cyndi Eberhart, Sarah Briddell, Lori A. Aganon, Lisa Hash

Please contact us by 1/15/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Lani Moss

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Deborah B., Sandy Phillips, Sarah Briddell, Cathy W., Diana M. Van Handel, Heidi Rees, Raga Senthil, Sandra Baggarly, Kelly Santi, Carol McReady

Please contact us by 1/5/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Erin Sorensen, Stacey Kowbel

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Monika Davis, Susan Babcock, Evette “Scrappy” Jacobson, Denise Fonda, Judy Jones, Brenda Aplin, Jana Yeager, Laurie M. Page, Viola Leary, Julie Greaves

Please contact us by 1/3/2021 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Cindy C.

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Marilyn Brittain, Kimberly Ligocki, Lauryne Cunningham, Patty A. Eifert, Natasha Vacca, Penny P., Dorothy Ayotte, Pauline Abeysekera, Denise Bryant, Maureen Reiss, Sharon G., Dawn Tooley, Jeanne Bobish, Marisela Delgado, Eva Bussom, Pam Boedeker, Karen Brown, apalmer2019, Linda BL, Ms. Tamp, MadeByMeghanK, Inkin' Chickie, Sue D.

Please contact us by 12/30/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Kelly Fusco

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Delina Quilter, Patricia Wilson, Margaret S., Anne Sturgeon, Tara Prince, Maria Giselle B., Mary Slominski, Sue Rodriguez, Donna Esmiol, Beverly Jordan

Please contact us by 12/24/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $40 Gift Certificate: Tineke Van Zanten, Treba Geter, Tracy Frizzi

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Laura Hartman, Raga Senthil, Roseann Boyle, Retta Lutte, Karen Kanda, Patty A. Eifert, Lisa Angel, Mary Ann Reilly, Anna Mahtani

Please contact us by 12/20/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Beth Myers

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Mandi Chau, Ayishia, Therese Wood, Dee Dee Riggs, Tracy Lee Chambers, Debra Fries, Ann Taylor, Sue Mcrae, Lynn Ochsochs, Libby Templeton

Please contact us by 12/18/2020 to claim your prize.



• $15 Altenew Gift Certificate Winners: Donna de Gale-Kalloo, Rema DeLeeuw, Janet Wright

• Collapsible Marker Bag Winners: Asha Kunchinadka, Elaine Salkil, Barbara Lassiter, Brenda Aplin, Mirella Rogan, Barbara Jean-Kubik, Tracey Landt, Sue-Anne Clothier, Maureen Turner, Carol Wortman, Peggy McCuller, Sherri Little

Please contact us by 12/14/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Michelle Pokorny, Patricia Martin

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Laurie Black, Lindsey NY, Julie Greaves, Denise Bryant, Patt H., Lauryne Cunningham, Becca Yahrling, Melissa Friedrich, Teri S., Lori Lehnen, Lynne Wilcox, Kelsey Thomas, Liz O., Dorothy A., Kathy Eddy

Please contact us by 12/12/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Miriam Pranther, Kristi H.

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Kerry Gooderham, BriteDesignsStudio, Aimee Phillips, Cheryl B., Linda BL, Sue W., Margi Marie, Vikki H., Susie A., Susan B., Laura Long, Dawn Cooksley, Gloria Rowden, Kathleen Landphair, Mel H., Sharon Gullikson, Marisela Delgado, Jill, Kat, Kellenamo, Jeanne Beam

Please contact us by 12/02/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Ann Sieber, Amy Cooley, Nancy Wilcox

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Lynne Morgan, Margarita Navarro-Rivera, Andre M., coffeegoddess42, Sharon Meyer, Teri S., Andrea P., Sra. Spitzer, Dawn Cooksley, Tammy L. Davis, Dawn Tooley, Lois K., Cindy C., Julie L., Kjwinston, Peg Frushour, Maureen Reiss, Laurie Patterson, Karen Judy, Kimberly Ligocki, Nora Noll, Sue D., Inkin' Chickie, Jade McClung, Joanne Hoffman, Lori-Ann, Lagene, Beth Merrill, Juanita, Dotty Jo, Sheanna N., 

Please contact us by 11/30/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Jody Galuzzi, Valarie Florer

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Ann Ito, Vickie L. Oglesby, Nancy Richards, Sarah M., RobiW, Melissa F., Crafterab, Veronica Petracchi, Nicki B., Nandini Karmarkar, Becca Yahrling, Sandra Swayze, Barbara F., Bri Kay, Meghan Kennihan, Dorothy Ayotte, Heidi Rees, A. Palmer, WhiteIbis, 

Please contact us by 11/25/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Jeanne Beam, Barbara Unger

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Terri Bradburn, Brenda West, Lisa Elton, Amber Bisonnette, Denise Bryant, Katie Amodio, Lauryne Cunningham, Mendy Crumpton, Sharon G., Debbie S., Silvia Hutchinson, Deborah Skluzak, Pauline Abeysekera, Cyndi Morris, Jessica Scott, Avonlea, Vickie D., Beth Bice, Ms. Tamp, Karen Kuschel, Jean Marmo

Please contact us by 11/22/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Carmela Hubler, Sharon Brand, Crystal Leshae Evans

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Giselaine Ellison, Suzanne Russell, Lynn Gauthier, Jennifer Taylor, Deborah Peterson, Jeane Campbell, Jenny del Castillo, Heather DePasquale, Helen Finlay, Mary Ann Reilly, Kari DiBiaso, Peg Frushour, Victoria Milam, Lori Lehnen, Katie Amodio, Dianna Jacobs, Dawn Cooksley, Silvia Hutchinson, Karina D., Marisela Delgado, Beth Merrill, Cyndi Morris, Julie Greaves, Jessie Scott

Please contact us by 11/12/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Anne Akridge, Michelle Hackett

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Carolyn Johnstone, Yvonne Boucher, Chris Bjornstedt, Gail Young, Meghan Kennihan, Trudy A. Neumann, Bunny Hoyle, Kristina Gentle, Kristi H., Amber Bisonnette, Penny Pynonnen, Brenda Kuder, Denise Bryant, Donna Mikasa, Amy H., Liz O., Carol Engler

Please contact us by 10/30/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Zlatka K., Aya Elsheshtawy, Victoria K.

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Sheri Little, Joan Mastronardi, Silvia Hutchinson, Linda Peix, Pam Carr, Vickie S. Davis, Lyn Huecker, Donna de Gale-Haloo, Karen Brown, Heidi Rees, Angela C. Posch, Dawn Cooksley, Joanne Hoffmann, Lisa Elton, Beth Merrill, Sue D., Lisa Byers, Barbara Lassiter, Melissa Friedrich, Dorothy A., Mary Holshouser, Pauline A., Maxine Renee Perry, Kelsey Thomas, Carla Hundley

Please contact us by 10/25/2020 to claim your prize.

• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Tara Prince, Amanda Dellamando

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Dianna Jacobs, Bonnie Johnson, Martie Wiemer, Harmony Lane, Katie Amodio, Stacey Kowbel, Jessie Scott, Marisela Delgado, Kim Salito, Cy Lee, Adrienne West

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Please contact us by 10/03/2020 to claim your prize. 

• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Dean H., Paula R. Rigby, Trudy A. Neumann, Sharon Brand, Rose Lerschen

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: jcamp2020, Vicki S. Davis, Elissa Brooks, Melissa Leftrick, gyanek

Please contact us by 9/20/2020 to claim your prize. 

• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Marni M. Maxwell, Karen Pitts, Cynthia Link, Claudia K. Anderson, Ann Ito, Kandice J.

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Rhonda Huggins, Meghan Kennihan, Walter Silva, Penny Klie, Andrea P., Joy Meadows, Joan Mastronardi, Teri S., Lee Miner, Eva N., Becca Yahrling, Heather DePasquale, Louanne Collins, Laurie Brown, Denise Bryant, slrdowney, Marisela Delgado, Amber Bissonnette, Cherry Robinson 

Please contact us by 9/10/2020 to claim your prize. 

• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Shawn Harcrow, Phyllis Miller, Alefiyah Hasan, Dianna L. Wilson, MarciaScantlin

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• CARD BLOG – $50 Gift Certificate: Robin Buchholz, Barbara Unger, Anastasia M., Susan Drago, Elizabeth Reynolds, Nancy Wilcox

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $20 Gift Certificate: Vicki Rivera, Tammy Shackleford, LaQuieta Gibson, Sammibug, Andre M., Leslie Lescalleet, Kimberly Ligocki, Maria A., Cindy C., Karen Walker, April S., Ava Gavloski, Scrappy Teacher, Michele W., Cheri Mrkva, Rosie N., Kelsey Thomas, Christina M. Dauven, Tonna Zablah, Sandy Howson

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• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Lois Kennedy, Kathy Ladra, Cheri Richards, Diane Jordan, Janice Buol  
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• CARD BLOG – $30 Gift Certificate: Dawnnz, Lorie Hulbert, Judy Zech, Tarina Holloway, Linda Rodgers

• DESIGNER BLOGS – $15 Gift Certificate: Retta Lutte, Michelle Hartline, Jade McClung, Vino Chica, Nicki B., Anny Hale, Tammy Hanson, Kathy Eddy

Winners of Past Giveaways and Challenges:

Celebrating Parents Card Drive Blog Hop

• CARD BLOGLora Bowman, MaryH, Susan B Cards, Jenny Lee, See Mary Stamp, GranSarah

March 2020 Stamp/Die/6×6 Paper Packs/Mini Cubes Release

• CARD BLOGPauline Abeysekera, Ogden Kruger, Katherine Oler
• MIXED MEDIA BLOG: My Inkie Fingers, Michelle Hackett, Barb in Kazoo