MUST-TRY Technique with 3D Embossing Folders! Tremendous Textures with Erica + Video

by Erica Anderson

Hi, Altenew friends! It's Erica back on the blog and with a new video today, showing a new to me technique with embossing folders that I have never tried before.

Try This Technique with 3D Embossing Folders!

I'm sure someone else has already tried this with 3D embossing folders, but it was the first time I did and the results did not disappoint at all so I had to share. You can also check out the VIDEO on the YouTube channel, where you can see the embossing folder in action, both being used and being distressed. It's all in real time too, so you can really see how easy it is.

Watch the video tutorial here.

Try This Technique with 3D Embossing Folders!

While the embossing folder technique has been around for a while, I must admit that the range of 3D embossing folders from Altenew have stepped up the game considerably. The level of details are incredible and creating stunning cards with a ton of texture and details could not be easier.

06042024 Beautiful Baroque Embossing Folder 1

Metallic Cardstock + 3D Embossing Folders = Match Made in Crafty Heaven!

As I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with the Brushed Gold Metallic Cardstock I decided to use that with the Beautiful Baroque 3D embossing folders, and W-O-W. The results are beyond stunning! I used the embossing folder on two A2 sized pieces, but one has the pattern raised and one has the pattern pressed into the cardstock.

I wanted to see what the difference would be, and holy cannoli, there is going to be a second W-O-W from me here. Just look at that delicious texture! The Beautiful Baroque 3D Embossing Folder really lives up to the beautiful in the name.

06042024 Beautiful Baroque Embossing Folder 2

I have also added some extra interest to these two panels by distressing them using a nail buffing file thing.. that is now the technical name of that scratchy sponge thing. I don't actually know what these are called, but it's scratchy to file down the little ridges on your nails to make them smoother. Before I put it to the cardstock I thought a light little scratching would do the trick.

What I was after was a bit of an antique look, as the Beautiful Baroque embossing folder has a modern antique look, if that makes sense. What I ended up doing was adding quite a lot of distressing once I realised how cool it looked!

Once I was happy with the look, on both of the panels, I trimmed them down a little bit before adhering them to white card bases. The one with the embossing folder pattern pressed down into the paper was adhered with Instant Dimension Foam Tape as I didn't think it would stick to the card base very well.

IMG 8491

The panel with the embossing folder pattern pressed upwards I adhered with some liquid glue, directly to the card base. Both cards have sentiments from Leaf Canopy stamp set, these are stamped up with Permanent Black Ink and trimmed down to skinny banners.

IMG 8490

Add Some Pizzazz with Gem Sparkles

Of course I had to add some bling to them both too. If you watch the video this part will make you laugh. I had the hardest time deciding what colours to use and had a bit of an inner monologue out loud, but it is part of the process so there you go.

Usually with bling I'm a the-more-the-merrier kind of person, but here it worked beautifully to use the pattern from the embossing folders to be deliberate with the placements of the gems. These are the Smoky Quartz Gem Sparkles, and this pack I will be re-ordering pronto. The colors are so versatile and work with so many different card designs.

IMG 8489

Ok, that is it from me for today but I really hope you enjoyed this little experiment.

If you have seen this before, do let me know because I have not seen anyone do this, however that doesn't mean nobody has. I do live under a rock, on top of a mountain, after all. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time with me, enjoy the rest of your day and see you soon again!

~Crafty hugs from Erica


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Marisela Delgado June 4, 2024 - 10:17 PM

So beautiful, Erica. 💜💜💜


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