Why the Zip ‘n’ Stash Zipper Pouches Are Your Next Crafty Best Friend!

by Jeffry Quiñanola

@altenew_ Zip 'n' Stash Zipper Pouch: The New Crafter's Best FriendWant to take your crafting organization skills to the next level? Try out our NEW Zip ‘n' Stash Zipper Pouch!

Hello, crafty friends! Today, we're introducing a brand new storage and organization solution – the Zip ‘n' Stash mesh zipper pouch by Altenew!

The Zip ‘n' Stash Zipper Pouch: Your Chic Option for Crafting Storage and Organization

@altenew_ Zip 'n' Stash Zipper Pouch: The New Crafter's Best Friend

This versatile and chic storage option for your crafting supplies is designed with a durable plastic-encased mesh, allowing a peek at what's inside. Each zipper pouch is adorned with a gold foiled and embossed Altenew logo on a strip of colorful vegan leather, which adds both style and functionality to your crafting space.

It's also roomy enough for all your crafting supplies, and then some! Important documents, receipts, makeup brushes, and even your toiletries! Plus, the pull cord on the zipper makes opening and closing hassle-free.

@altenew_ Zip 'n' Stash Zipper Pouch: The New Crafter's Best Friend

The Zip ‘n' Stash pouches come in three different colors, too – Yellow, Blue, and Teal! They are easy to clean (whether with wipes or warm water and soap), and they're specifically designed for crafters, by crafters!

Let's dive into why zipper pouches like the Zip ‘n' Stash are a crafter's best friend!

The Portable Crafting Command Center

@altenew_ Zip 'n' Stash Zipper Pouch: The New Crafter's Best Friend

Picture this: You're on the go and inspiration strikes. Whether you're at a crafting workshop, a friend's house, or even just your favorite coffee shop, having a compact and portable crafting command center is a game-changer. The Zip ‘n' Stash zipper pouch will let you carry your essential tools and materials wherever you go, ensuring that creativity and inspiration flow freely, no matter the location.

Protection Against the Elements

Paper crafting involves delicate materials that can be easily damaged by the elements. Whether it's the unpredictability of the weather or the simple act of transporting your supplies, protecting your precious papers and tools is crucial.

@altenew_ Zip 'n' Stash Zipper Pouch: The New Crafter's Best Friend

Zipper pouches like the Zip ‘n' Stash act as a shield, guarding your supplies against the rain and the occasional coffee mishap. Now you can fearlessly take your crafting on the road, knowing that your supplies and creations are safe and sound inside your trusty pouch.

Stash and Dash

Let's be real – one of the perks of being a paper crafting enthusiast is the joy of collecting new supplies. However, this enthusiasm can quickly turn into a storage nightmare.

Enter the zipper pouch, the ultimate stash-and-dash solution. When your collection outgrows your crafting space, simply grab a few pouches, organize your supplies, and voilà – instant storage magic. Plus, they're transparent, so you don't need a guessing game to see what's inside!

@altenew_ Zip 'n' Stash Zipper Pouch: The New Crafter's Best Friend

The Perfect Gift for Crafty Colleagues

If you're ever in doubt about what to gift your crafty friends for their birthday (or for any occasion, really), look no further than the stylish and functional Zip ‘n' Stash pouches! Trust us, they'll thank you every time they whip it out during a crafting session. It's the gift that keeps on giving – keeping their supplies organized and their creativity flowing.

@altenew_ Zip 'n' Stash Zipper Pouch: The New Crafter's Best Friend

Zip ‘n' Stash Your Crafting Supplies Today

Altenew's Zip ‘n' Stash Zipper Pouches are not just containers; they're also keepers of creativity and organizers of dreams. So, the next time you embark on a crafting adventure, make sure you've got your trusty zipper pouch by your side – you will thank yourself for it! Learn more about this exciting storage and organization solution here.

What do you think about the new Zip ‘n' Stash Zipper Pouches? Any thoughts on how you want to use them yet? Let us know in the comments below. And, as always, happy crafting! :)

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Tara C Prince January 19, 2024 - 4:55 PM

great product!!

Susan Carlson January 20, 2024 - 2:13 AM

What size are they?!? Both of your bags only have size in cm. Please also include inches.

ALTENEW January 24, 2024 - 1:15 PM

Greetings Susan! We apologize for not including inches in our measurements. All pouches are 13.19 in x 9.45 in. Thank you for this input, this has been escalated to the web team and we’ll take note to add in more measurement units


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