Video: Lydia’s Crafty Corner – Sweet & Graphic Holiday Cards

by Lydia Evans

Hello everyone and happy Friday! It's Lydia here. Today, I'm sharing a couple of graphic and sweet one-layer holiday cards.

DSC01490Let's get started!

For the first card, there was no masking involved so I started by stamping a fun cluster of triangles from Sohcahtoa Stamp Set using Pink Pearl, Dew Drops, Minty Mint, and Limestone Inks. As these colors are all very little, I could then stamp over them with darker inks and not have a problem. I then added in some holly using two of the smaller images from Peaceful Wreath Stamp Set. I used just the base layer of the single holly leaf and berry to keep on with the graphic look.

Next, I used Crimson Ink for the berry and Shadow Creek Ink for the leaf. Once these were stamped, I doodled around them using a black fine line pen to give a fun look. To finish, I added a sentiment from the Peaceful Wreath Stamp Set.

DSC01491The second card took a little more time but I just love the look of the pale holly with the darker triangles. So, to start, I stamped the holly leaves and berries into place using Pink Pearl and Minty Mint Inks. Once these were stamped, I then doodled around these to give the same effect as the first card.

DSC01492I then masked off the images with masks created using masking paper and Peaceful Wreath Coordinating Dies. Once the dies were in place, I then stamped in a cluster of triangles using Silver Lake, Gray Denim, Cloudy Night, and Charcoal Gray Inks. To finish, I added a sentiment from the Peaceful Wreath Stamp Set.

To see how these two cards came together please watch the video below or over at YouTube:

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you again soon!

S lydia 1


4X6 Sohcahtoa
Sohcahtoa Stamp Set
[ ALTN ]
6x8 20Peaceful 20Wreath 2210d482 7888 4443 85a4 d3bb2f4cc197
Peaceful Wreath Stamp Set
[ ALTN ]
Oval Limestone
Limestone Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Pink 20Pearl
Pink Pearl Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Dew 20Drops 20
Dew Drops Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Minty 20Mint
Minty Mint Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Shadow 20Creek 20Crisp 20Dye 20Ink
Shadow Creek Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Crimson
Crimson Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Silver 20Lake 20Crisp 20Dye 20Ink
Silver Lake Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Gray 20Denim 20Crisp 20Dye 20Ink
Gray Denim Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Cloudy 20Night 20Crisp 20Dye 20Ink
Cloudy Night Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Charcoal 20Suit 20Crisp 20Dye 20Ink
Charcoal Suit Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Jet Black
Jet Black Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Classic Crest Solar White
Classic Crest Solar White (25…
[ ALTN ]

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knurse22 November 23, 2018 - 12:50 PM

Love this clean and simple card!

Kirsty Vittetoe November 23, 2018 - 8:16 PM

Oh Oh Oh, these are some cute cards!

Terrie D. November 25, 2018 - 5:13 PM

These cards are great! I love the combination of the holly and triangles. :)


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