Lydia’s Crafty Corner – Smooshing: Three Ways

by Lydia Evans

Hello everyone and happy Friday! It's Lydia here. Today I will be showing you how to “ink smoosh” using three different types of ink: ink pads, re-inkers, and ink sprays. The three different types of inks do give varying results.

DSC01422pThe first card shows ink pads, the second card uses re-inkers, and the third features ink sprays. You are going to want to work on a non-porous surface, be that a craft mat, a glass surface, or even a piece of acetate would work.

Ink Pads

I started by adding Ruby Red, Coral Berry, and Frosty Pink Ink to my craft mat and then spritzed the ink with a little water to help it move. Then I took a piece of watercolor cardstock and placed it onto the pooling ink. I quickly heat set this and then added it back onto the remaining ink to add more interest. When this was dry, I then added Forest Glades and Frayed Leaf Ink to the craft mat, spritzed with water and then added the piece on top of this. Then I left it to dry completely.


I did the same technique as before but this time added drops of Ruby Red, Coral Berry, and Frosty Pink Re-Inkers to my craft mat. Then spritzed with a little water before adding a piece of watercolor cardstock over the inks. I heat set this before moving onto Forest Glades and Frayed Leaf Re-Inkers, I added drops of these to the craft mat, spritzed with water and added the cardstock over again, before leaving this to completely dry.

Ink Sprays

I sprayed Ruby Red, Coral Berry, and Frosty Pink Ink Sprays onto my craft mat. As this medium already has a high amount of water within it, I could miss out the spritzing of the water and could just put the watercolor cardstock directly over the ink spray. I quickly dried this using a heat tool before moving onto Frayed Leaf and Forest Glades Ink Sprays and did the technique as before, and left it to dry.

DSC01424Once all the pieces were dry, I stamped the large flower image from Peony Spray Stamp Set into place using Permanent Black Ink and then die cut it out using the coordinating die. The sentiments on each of the cards came from the same stamp set.

For a video that shows how these cards came together please watch below or over on YouTube:

Thanks so much for stopping by!


SD 20Bundle 4x6 20Peony 20Spray 23a0dc83 10a6 427c 81e1 5f32983e09cb
Peony Spray Stamp & Die Bundle
[ ALTN ]
4x6 20Peony 20Spray a4f885f7 19bc 4cb9 95b0 9ae8dea51e17
Peony Spray Stamp Set
[ ALTN ]
Die Peony 20Spray 20Die 2f4a6275 4b23 4e92 a7b6 5a332f3cd730
Peony Spray Die
[ ALTN ]
772ec230 53d6 4a32 b1ef e90066a666ef
Permanent Black Crisp Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Frosty Pink
Frosty Pink Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Coral Berry
Coral Berry Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Ruby Red
Ruby Red Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Frayed Leaf
Frayed Leaf Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Forest Glades
Forest Glades Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Re inker Frosty Pink
Frosty Pink Re-inker
[ ALTN ]
Re inker Coral Berry
Coral Berry Re-inker
[ ALTN ]
Re inker Ruby Red
Ruby Red Re-inker
[ ALTN ]
Re inker Frayed Leaf
Frayed Leaf Re-inker
[ ALTN ]
Re inker Forest Glades
Forest Glades Re-inker
[ ALTN ]
b4384f67 3dae 4d17 9756 0c5084385a0a e10316c3 2512 4fcc b033 71b78847c197
Frosty Pink Metallic Shimmer Ink Spray
[ ALTN ]
933193fb c9ac 42c4 b770 1faaf59c0a63
Coral Berry Metallic Shimmer Ink Spray
[ ALTN ]
35559c2f 1576 400b 9918 4f4f6db17727 37dd302c df3c 4977 a48a 2d2480b100ad
Ruby Red Metallic Shimmer Ink Spray
[ ALTN ]
d6f86486 cbe4 43d2 8153 cb45d0a44312 4c5ca346 ee8b 47fc bac9 893b096bf444
Frayed Leaf Metallic Shimmer Ink Spray
[ ALTN ]
6bd493f1 101d 47fa 9866 685242779b40 0d8b3fdb c6b7 45e2 8c8c ede535f19398
Forest Glades Metallic Shimmer Ink Spray
[ ALTN ]

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barbara lassiter October 26, 2018 - 2:00 PM

These are lovely. Thanks for the great technique video! :)

June F October 28, 2018 - 6:37 AM

I love smooshing Lydia. Your colour choices are so vibrant and pretty

Happy crafting….

Conniecrafter October 29, 2018 - 9:10 AM

All are so gorgeous!


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