Video: Lydia’s Crafty Corner – Pre-Masked Bold Backgrounds

by Lydia Evans

Hello everyone! A very happy Friday to you! It's Lydia here. Today I will be sharing a technique that allows you to have a bold background as well as stamping on a one layer card.

DSC01628To start, I cut a number of masks using Indoor Garden Die Set and sticky notes. Once I had created enough, I added these into position on a 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ piece of cardstock. You could even use this technique for just stamping backgrounds, as it would help you position your stamping without committing to any stamping first. I then stamped over the large background image from Gradient Stripes Stamp Set using Permanent Black Ink.

DSC01630Once the background was stamped, I could then remove the masks and stamp the corresponding images (using Industrial Diamond Ink) from the Indoor Garden Stamp Set into the blank space left. For the leaves and cactus, I used a mix of Bamboo, Parrot, Olive and Moss Inks, Almond Butter Ink for the soil and Sea Glass and Ocean Waves Inks for the pots and water.

DSC01631I finished the card off simply by using a sentiment from Potted Plants Stamp Set heat embossed in Pure White Embossing Powder onto a strip of Jet Black Cardstock.

Watch the step-by-step video below or over on YouTube:

Thanks so much for stopping by!


bf1885f2 f65d 4bab a70c a0ab89e43dea e95e459f 88a2 4a01 928f 6d4a5a2bbd12
Indoor Garden Stamp Set
[ ALTN ]
ea87a9df 9c37 457b 9594 decf6557b223 8839e360 17c4 4003 bd69 cf598cb6124d
Indoor Garden Stamp & Die Bundle
[ ALTN ]
bdc886e7 7d11 4bcf 8174 0397d75738d1 0b4d08e1 b052 4823 985e ba109d6cc861
Indoor Garden Die Set
[ ALTN ]
6x8 20Gradient 20Stripes 5c6cc89a 8485 417a 8911 6265759ed660
Gradient Stripes Stamp Set
[ ALTN ]
6x8 20Potted 20Plants e95c9b98 18f1 4412 9ebf e74140854a79
Potted Plants Stamp Set
[ ALTN ]
Oval Bamboo
Bamboo Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Parrot
Parrot Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Olive
Olive Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Moss
Moss Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Almond 20Butter 20Crisp 20Dye 20Ink
Almond Butter Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Sea Glass
Sea Glass Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Oval Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
772ec230 53d6 4a32 b1ef e90066a666ef 94ba80a7 8072 4711 947b 5b338502d9c5
Permanent Black Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Embossing Ink Clear 4a454d04 0c22 469f 88d1 aced49448313
Embossing Ink
[ ALTN ]
25f47928 ed8c 4af6 a581 b5bf151204fe 28cd0702 de06 4dfa b0f1 026a6b4e5401
Pure White Crisp Embossing Powder
[ ALTN ]
Classic Crest Solar White
Classic Crest Solar White (25…
[ ALTN ]
Jet Black Cardstock 4a191d26 b88b 4020 ace6 dc32b736577b
Jet Black Cardstock (25 sheets/set)
[ ALTN ]
c2cbce4c 6f74 4abf b891 1ce424697f6f 1fc1498d bcd1 42e7 9772 b5722615a83f
3 Pack Glue Tape
[ ALTN ]

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Celeste Goff December 21, 2018 - 10:17 AM

What a great card Lydia! Love this technique .

Helen Kalb December 21, 2018 - 11:34 AM

Love your card and this stamp set Lydia This is such a fun technique! You could try using contact paper instead, it’s so easy to die cut and re position and usually you can reuse your masks a couple of times

knurse22 December 21, 2018 - 1:15 PM

Love this garden scene against the black! It would be great against the new black paper collection, too! Great design, love the sentiment! Thanks for sharing!

Henriëtte December 22, 2018 - 9:44 AM

Quite a bit of work but the result is stunning. Love that you used the black in the background although it’s very dark, the plants are still or just because, stand out. Thank you so much for showing.

Cindy C. December 22, 2018 - 10:17 AM

Clever technique, and the result is stunning! Thanks for sharing.


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