Crafty Tools Galore! | Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers for February 2024

by Jeffry Quiñanola

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024: Crafty Tools Galore!

Good day, crafty friends! Love month is nearly over, but before it bids goodbye (with a leap day, no less), here are our Top 10 crafting bestsellers for February!

Again. thanks to YOU, our crafty friends, we continue to provide new crafty releases and must-haves that you can enjoy or share with your loved ones! Here's to you for the continuous support and excitement at every new release.

This month's bestsellers are an interesting bunch! Needless to say, we’re still looking forward to seeing the cards, scrapbook layouts, and projects you’ll be making with these supplies!

So, without further ado, here’s our list of the top 10 crafting bestsellers for February 2024!

Sidebar: Because of the sheer amount of demand, some of these might not be available at the moment. But don't fret; our team is constantly hard at work restocking our shelves and providing you with the best crafting products as soon as possible!

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Altenew's Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers for February

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024 | Fine Blade Scissors

10: Fine Blade Scissors

At number 10, craft and cut with ease using these Fine Blade Scissors from Altenew!

Crafted for accuracy and ease in your creative projects, these nifty snippers are ideal for intricate cuts and delicate details! The ergonomic handle provides a secure grip, minimizing hand strain during prolonged use. It's also suitable for both right-handed and left-handed individuals!

It also has a non-stick Teflon coating that enables smooth and effortless cutting, preventing sticky residue from adhering to the blades. These adaptable scissors are a must-have for any crafting enthusiast, delivering precise cuts with simplicity and comfort.

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024 | Tufted Elegance 3D Embossing Folder

9: Tufted Elegance 3D Embossing Folder

Moving up from last month's number 10, the Tufted Elegance 3D Embossing Folder!

Enhance your DIY projects with beautiful geometric backgrounds. Take your paper crafting to the next level with this handy embossing tool that draws inspiration from luxurious tufted leather patterns.

Create intricate textures that radiate opulence and refinement, and add a timeless touch of elegance to your handmade cards, scrapbook pages, journals, and other papercrafts!

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024 | Stamp Cleaner

8: Stamp Cleaner

At number 8 is a surprising, but not unwelcome, addition to our list: the Stamp Cleaner!

Keep your cherished stamps in pristine condition with our convenient stamp cleaner! Our versatile stamp cleaner is designed for both clear and rubber stamps and is suitable for use with water-based or permanent inks. Just spray onto the stamp surface and gently wipe clean with a soft cloth, or use a stamp scrubber.

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024 | Gracious Peonies Complete Bundle

7: Gracious Peonies

Next, for number 7, would you like to turn your cards and crafts into a beautiful peony garden? Use this stunning collection of coordinated items to create wonderful floral projects!

Our Gracious Peonies Stamp Set features a large cluster of peonies, with a variety of warm sentiments that you can pair and combine! Create a charming outlined peony image or a more vibrant one using the matching layering stencils and dies!

Here's a bonus tip from the designer:

Stamp the image on top of a piece of pre-watercolored paper so that the image can be beautifully and easily colored!

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024 | Hawaiian Shores Dua-Tip Pens (Water-Based)

6: Hawaiian Shores Dual Tip Pens (Water-Based)

Embark on a journey to the beautiful Hawaiian coast with this collection of 12 water-based dual-tip pens!

Our Hawaiian Shores Dual Tip Pens pair well with floral stamps, coloring books, and other creative projects. The pens feature a durable yet flexible brush tip ideal for brush calligraphy, while the fine tip is perfect for hand lettering. Each marker includes a fine nib for intricate work and a brush nib for filling in large areas, blending, and calligraphy!

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024 | Craft-A-Flower: Hibiscus Layering Die Set

5: Craft-A-Flower: Hibiscus Layering Die Set

At the halfway point of our crafting bestsellers list, let yourself escape to tropical destinations with this exquisite hibiscus die set!

With intricate hibiscus blooms, leaves, and heartfelt sentiments, the Craft-A-Flower: Hibiscus Die Set provides everything you need to craft a beautiful arrangement for your next project. Hibiscus flowers symbolize various emotions such as love, happiness, sunshine, and good luck depending on their color – and you can bring all that and more into your crafts!

What makes our first-ever hibiscus die set extremely unique? It also includes word dies, allowing you to create a complete card using only this die set and your preferred cardstock!

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024 | Zip 'n' Stash 3 Color Bundle

4: Zip ‘n' Stash – 3 Color Bundle

At #4, organize your crafting tools with style with our Zip ‘n' Stash Bundle!

The Zip ‘n' Stash mesh zipper pouches are designed with a durable mesh enclosed in plastic, providing a peek at what's inside. Each pouch is adorned with a gold-foiled and embossed Altenew logo on a strip of colorful vegan leather, adding style and functionality to your crafting space.

With its spacious size, it can hold plenty of supplies, and the pull cord on the zipper ensures easy opening and closing. This pack offers all 3 Zip ‘n' Stash pouches in different colors – Blue, Yellow, and Teal – providing versatile and chic storage options.

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024 | Sunny Sentiments Complete Bundle

3: Sunny Sentiments

We’re now at the Top 3 of our crafting bestsellers for February, and it’s time to bring out the sun-shiny feels!

Design a charming and uniquely geometric card for your loved ones using the Sunny Sentiments Set! This bundle includes:

  • A 4″ x 6″  Sunny Sentiments Stamp Set which contains ten sentiments and six geometric shapes, allowing you to create a delightful pattern of quarter circles; and,
  • A coordinating die set, with 10 dies for cutting out the sentiments and 3 additional dies to cut out the quarter circles, the flower, and the tiny square.

The “filler” elements can also add extra flair to the shapes in a complementary crafting set, the Modern Circles Builder Stencils!

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024 | Acrylic Marker Set and Color-by-Number Sheets

2: Acrylic Marker Set & Color-by-Number Sheets Bundle

Our penultimate entry in this countdown will bring you a creative and crafty experience like no other!

This Acrylic Marker Set & Color-by-Number Sheets Bundle enhances your artistic projects with effortless compatibility between the 24 acrylic markers and the 12 A2-sized Color-by-Numbers sheets!

Each sheet includes black and grayed-out lines to perfectly align with the numbered markers. Meanwhile, the markers are conveniently stored in high-quality packaging with holders to prevent accidents. Their solid color quality brings magnificent results on dark-colored cardstock and on a variety of surfaces including stone, wood, and plastic!

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024 | Sweet Jasmine Complete Bundle

1: Sweet Jasmine

And finally, at the number 1 spot of our crafting bestsellers is our first-of-its-kind COMPLETE bundle!

That's right, our Sweet Jasmine Set features not just stamps, dies, and stencils. We have the Sweet Jasmine Hot Foil Press Plates and 3D Embossing Folders, too!

This bundle features the fragrant jasmine flower, a symbol of love and beauty. Clusters of jasmine blooms, buds, and leaves, along with seven sentiments in a modern font, pair and complement each other perfectly. It can be colored with various mediums or used with its matching products – an extremely versatile collection for your various crafty needs!

@altenew_ 10 Crafting Bestsellers February 2024

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Which one of these crafting bestsellers caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy crafting, everyone!

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