Unleash Your Inner Artist with NEW Watercolor Tubes and Watercolor Paper + FREE Watercolor Tubes 101 Class!

by Irick Arbuso

Artists' Watercolor Tubes and Watercolor Paper Sets from Altenew

Are you a watercolor enthusiast who’s looking to level up your watercolor game? Have you always wanted to incorporate watercolor into your paper crafts but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Artistry by Altenew Watercolor Tubes and Watercolor Paper Sets in the Altenew store. In case you missed it, we had a blast during the release blog hop and video hop last month and we just had to bring this must-have to the Altenew store. Feel free to check out our previous hops for project inspiration and a dose of creativity!

The Perfect Duo: Artist-Grade Watercolor Tubes and Watercolor Paper Set

Introducing the Perfect Duo: Watercolor Tubes & Papers!

Discover the secrets of watercolor mastery with our premium Artists' Watercolor Tubes and 100% cotton Watercolor Paper Sets! The 8ml paint tubes boast vibrant, blendable colors, meticulously curated to offer versatile options for artists of all levels. And with professional-grade pigments, they're suitable for both beginners and experienced creators. Additionally, our 100% cotton Watercolor Paper Sets, available in hot-pressed and cold-pressed variations, provide a smooth canvas for expressing your creativity, whether you prefer acrylics, gouache, watercolors, or charcoal. 

See them in action! Check out these previews of fabulous artwork using our new watercolor tubes and watercolor paper sets created by talented artists!

Watercolor art and watercolor cards created with Altenew Watercolor Tubes and Watercolor Papers

Get a FREE Watercolor Tubes for Cardmakers Class Today!

Here’s a crafty treat for you! Get our brand new Crafting 101 Class: Watercolor Tubes for Cardmakers for FREE with every order from the Watercolor Tubes release collection now through 10/28/2023. Don't miss out! Join the amazing coloring queen Erum Tasneem in this exciting new class!

Get your FREE Watercolor Tubes for Cardmakers Class here.

Crafting 101: Watercolor Tubes for Cardmakers with Erum Tasneem

Elevate your paper crafting journey and bring your card making visions to life today!

Whether you're a watercolor beginner or a professional artist, these watercolor tubes will provide you with the flexibility to create stunning watercolor paintings. The tubes are designed to be easy to use and allow you to mix colors to create your own unique shades. We currently have 10 exquisite, bold, and rich colors available: 

  • Permanent Yellow Deep
  • Opera Lemon
  • Phthalo Green
  • Dark Cyan
  • Phthalo Blue
  • Prussian Blue
  • Quinacridone Violet
  • Quinacridone Magenta
  • Toluidine Red
  • Titanium White

To complement our Watercolor Tubes, we have also released a new line of Watercolor Paper. Our paper is made from high-quality materials that allow for smooth and even watercolor application. Our watercolor paper is available in 5″ x 7″ loose sheets, with 30 sheets per set.

What makes our NEW watercolor tubes exceptional?

  • Experience Vibrant Colors: Our watercolors are meticulously crafted to deliver the most vibrant and eye-catching pigments you've ever seen. Your paper crafts will truly come to life with a touch of these new colors.
  • Game-Changing Innovation: We've created 10 brand new, game-changing watercolors that will expand your creative horizons. These innovative hues will empower you to create like never before.
  • Highly-Pigmented Excellence: Our watercolor tubes are known for their exceptional high pigmentation. You'll be amazed at how they effortlessly react to water, giving you precise control and unparalleled versatility.

Yellow and pink flowers and foliage painted with Altenew watercolor tubes

Watercolor Tubes and Watercolor Paper Set Bundles Curated for You!

Not sure which colors to get or which type of watercolor paper is better for your card making needs? Here are a few bundles to get you started:

Watercolor flowers in a minimalist handmade card painted with Altenew watercolor tubes

Watercolor Tips and Tricks to Help Get Your Craft On!

Now that you have your new watercolor materials, it's time to get crafty! Here are some tips, tricks, and inspirations on how to use our Watercolor Tubes:

  1. Experiment with color mixing: Our Watercolor Tubes are designed to be mixed, so don't be afraid to experiment with different color combinations. Try mixing two or three colors together to create a unique shade that is perfect for your project.
  2. Use different brush sizes: The size of your brush can make a significant difference in the outcome of your painting. Use a larger brush for broader strokes and a smaller brush for more intricate details.
  3. Practice layering: Layering is an essential technique in watercolor painting. Start with a light layer and gradually build up the color intensity by adding more layers.
  4. Create textures: You can create textures in your painting by using different brush strokes and techniques. Try using a dry brush or a wet-on-wet technique to create unique textures.
  5. Be inspired by nature: Nature is an excellent source of inspiration for watercolor painting. Take a walk outside and observe the colors and textures of plants, flowers, and landscapes.

Blue and purple butterfly on a handmade card painted with Altenew watercolor tubes

Which color caught your eye? Have you tried using watercolor tubes before? Share your experience below!

We hope these watercolor tips and tricks inspire you to create your next watercolor art using our new products. Grab a color or two (or all 10 of them!) now to get a FREE Watercolor Tubes for Cardmakers Class with the lovely Erum! And don't forget to share your creations with us on social media using the hashtag #AltenewWatercolorTubes

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