Make it Bold Using Word Script Stamp

by Evelyn Yusuf

@geekgalz @scrapbook scrapbooklayout stamp

Long time no see everyone! I'm so glad finally I can go back here and share my layout using stamp by Altenew. This time its about boy layout and bold tittle for your white and clean scrapbook layout. I use two stamp sets that you can find it at the store; Simple Flower Stamp and also Super Script Stamp plus Jet Black Ink.

@geekgalz @scrapbook scrapbooklayout stamp

So let's focus for the black bold big tittle in this layout. So I always start my scrapbook layout with decorate and layer the photo that I use with some embellishments that I like. After I love what I see, I just choosed the words ‘hello and friend' that can represent my layout and also can be a bold big tittle for it. It's the easiest way if you run out the alphabets stickers or you wanna makes your layout looks so different. The black ink can make the word scripts that I already choose stand out and the texture of it after you stamp it looks so perfect!

@geekgalz @scrapbook scrapbooklayout stamp

Recently I love create messy line surround my layout. This time  I find the perfect line from the Simple Flowers Stamp and paste it randomly in top bottom area plus left and also the right area. I want my layout looks so soft and bold at the same time.

Last b@geekgalz @scrapbook scrapbooklayout stamp

Last but not least I choose ‘this day and live in the moment' words still from the stamp sets and stamp it around the photos plus in the bottom area. I stamp it not once but more of it so it will give some messy effect.


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