Fun Ways to Add a Unique Look to Handmade Cards | Tremendous Textures with Erica

by Erica Anderson

Do you like adding details, texture, and layers to your handmade cards but not sure where to start? This blog post is for you!

Hi, it's your girl Erica back on the Altenew blog with another texture-rific card! That's not really a word but it sounds fun and this card was so much fun to make – it fits! English is also my second language so I am allowed to make up new words, lol! That's my stance and I am sticking to it like glue. A little crafting pun is never wrong, is it?

A handmade card with multiple layers to create texture and dimension for interest and a unique look.

Texture can really elevate a design!

There  is a video on the Altenew YouTube channel to accompany this post, unfortunately my VoiceOver is absolutely terrible due to the fact I lost my voice, thanks to a cold earlier in the week and I'm not fully recovered. However it was terribly raspy voice or no video at all, and at least I don't sound like a gasping steam engine anymore; nobody wants to listen to that while trying to learn something. Granted, the comedy value has been high in my Instagram stories!

Anyway, I hope you get a chance to check the video out and make sure to subscribe to the Altenew YouTube channel and hit that notification button so you don't miss any uploads. Check out my Tremendous Textures video series playlist so you won't miss any new videos.

Fun Ways to Add Texture to Handmade Cards

I'm using another older cover plate for the background here, this is the Doodled Dots Cover Die and of course I didn't realize it is discontinued until I went looking for the link. That's on me, my bad, and I'm sorry. Hopefully some of you will have this one in your stash if you want to recreate this card.

The pattern is whimsical and interesting, and that is one of the main reasons I love cover plates to add texture and subtle details to an otherwise plain background. I'm not overly good at leaving lots of plain white space on my cards, adding texture to those parts makes it easier for me.

Let's get started!

First thing I did was to use the cover plate and cut one out of white cardstock, and I removed all the negative die-cut parts from this one and set it aside. This one is going to be used just as it is, and the pattern is going to give us that delicious texture.

IMG 8447

With a second piece of cardstock I did the same thing but I flipped the die-cut plates over before removing them from the panel. I did this very carefully, after running it through my machine. The point of this is to keep all the pieces, or at the very least as many as possible, in the pattern. On the back of this I added 2″ wide double-sided tape to keep all the pieces in place. You might need to use tweezers or a pokey tool to push all the pieces out, you will see me doing that in the video.

IMG 8448

To add some color to the panel with all the pieces still in it, I ink blended Puffy Heart, Purple Wine and Cosmic Berry inks (from the Rose Petal quartet) using a Mini Blending Brush. It doesn't matter if it looks wild, when you are done, we are going to ‘clean it up' by adding that first die-cut piece on top. I went for an ombré look with the ink blending here, but you can add your color however you like.

Tip #1: I am absolutely obsessed with texture and fun details, so I decided to add the top die-cut piece slightly off the pattern of the bottom piece. That way the impressions show through and add another dimension.

Adding the Sentiment

Sentiment-wise, I picked the wonderful You Are Everything Stamp Set. There are so many great sentiments in this and I couldn't pick just one, so I decided to pivot a little here. My first plan was to have just one on a slim banner, but I liked so many I decided to stack them on an angle on a piece of cardstock and stamped them up using Permanent Black Ink.

I did use my Stampwheel to stamp these up, because I like a really nice and crisp sentiment. For that reason, I stamped these twice with the ink before I was ready to move on.

Why You Need a Stamping Tool

I honestly don't know what I would do without a stamping tool these days, it's one of my absolutely MUST-HAVES in my craft room and one of the first things I recommend to new stampers. It will save you a lot of frustration and paper waste, so while the initial investment can feel huge, it will pay off in the long run. Ask me how I know!

IMG 8449

When the stamping was done, I grabbed my very old paper trimmer and cut the cardstock on the slant, to create a triangle. I didn't go from corner to corner though, I angled it in my trimmer so that the bottom corner was lined up with the cut line, and then I moved the cardstock down as far as I could go without cutting off any of the sentiments. This leaves more of the background to show, rather than covering up half of it.

I cut out the ‘You Are' using the coordinating die-cut, as well as another two pieces so I could layer it up a little. Why not, right? It's a lovely way to put a bit of a spotlight on your sentiment, and making it stand out.

With all the pieces ready, it was a quick job to add them all to the card panel and then add a card base. The final touch was adding a few enamel dots, I am almost unable to resist embellishing my cards. I picked the heart shape from the Sugar Plum collection, and then it was time to step back.

IMG 8450

Tip #2: This design can easily be modified, both color-wise and layer-wise if you want a more clean and simple look. Skip adding color to your bottom piece, and let the white-on-white be your interest. If you are mailing this, you can make it flatter by not stacking your sentiment too.

Tip #3: I think it would also look amazing to stack two of the cover plate pieces on top of each other, to add extra depth.

Tip #4: Another idea I had that will add an extra fun detail is to splatter the background with gold watercolor before the clean die-cut pieces is added on top. The little gold speckles would be a nice touch, for sure. Imagine them poking through the pattern of the cover die piece, and sparkling in the light.

IMG 8452

Bonus Tip! I am looking at this now and I have yet another idea for this layout. The background would be done in green, and a big floral image would look fab tucked into the triangle pocket on the front. That could look really nice, and I definitely want to try that but that will be for another day.

I hope you have found this inspiring and fun, and that you have gotten some ideas on how to use layers and texture to take your handmade card designs to the next level.

Which of the tips and techniques I shared would you try? Comment below!

That's it from me, thank you so much for stopping by today!

Crafty hugs,

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