From Smudge to Stunning: Salvaging Alcohol Marker Art with Fussy Cutting

by Erum Tasneem

Hello, everyone! It's Erum here, back with another exciting project and a VIDEO for the Creative Coloring with Erum video series. Today, I planned to share a relaxing alcohol marker coloring with you but ended up creating a project.

07022024 Altenew Exotic Blooms Coloring Book Island Garden Artist Markers 1wm

Alcohol Marker Art with Adult Coloring Sheet

I colored one of the Exotic Blooms Marker Coloring Book pages using the Island Garden Artist Alcohol Marker Set. For the roses, I used the reds and started with the darkest shade from the base of the petal, which was Vineyard Berry Artist Alcohol Marker.

Using the tip-to-tip or kissing technique, create smooth transitions between the other shades. Use Heart Beat Artist Alcohol Marker next, and at this point, you can either use the tip-to-tip method to get a smooth transition between the two colors or apply the marker directly. Then, you can come back after coloring to add the finishing touches and smooth the transition.

Similarly, use the Coral Bliss Artist Alcohol Marker. In the end, use the Pink Pearl Artist Alcohol Marker. This lightest marker will be added to areas where you want to show highlights or remove pigment, as the alcohol concentration is the highest in the lightest markers.

Tip: You can also use the Colorless Blender to add brighter highlights. It adds a gorgeous contrast and makes the shadows pop more!

07022024 Altenew Exotic Blooms Coloring Book Island Garden Artist Markers 2wm

Once the entire flower is colored, go back in with the darkest marker to deepen the shadows. Then use the Jet Black Woodless Coloring Pencil to increase the intensity of the shadows.

To color the leaves, use Hunter Green, Just Green, Sweet Leaf, and Minty Mint Artist Alcohol Markers. Start dark and work your way to light, following the leaves' midrib and veins. Keep the edges of the leaves light so they look airy and fluffy.

Crafting Boo-Boo and How I Fixed It

I planned to add color to the background using the blue markers from the set, which I did successfully. However, I accidentally dropped the red marker on the colored panel, leaving some marks. I attempted to remove them with a Colorless Blender, but they spread and made the panel look worse.

To salvage the project, I carefully fussy-cut the image using the Fine Blade Scissors.

I will use the brush pen from the Fine Liner Pen Set to cover the white/blue edge of the fussy-cut image. You can also use one of the green alcohol markers used to color the leaves.

07022024 Altenew Exotic Blooms Coloring Book Island Garden Artist Markers 3wm

Next, I will use the Emerald Watercolor Brush Marker to color teal-colored cardstock by completely covering it with the emerald pigment. You can also use the Emerald Watercolor Refill to do this if you want a smooth finish. I love the texture, so the brush strokes of the watercolor brush markers work for me. Once done, dry the panel.

Add splatters to the panel from the Metallic Watercolor 14 Pan Set using the Sterling Watercolor. The Sterling Watercolor will react with the green pigment and look gorgeous!

You can watch the process video by clicking the photo below or head to YouTube.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!


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mfergu01 July 2, 2024 - 12:26 PM

Erum, it is exquisite! What a great save! Off I go to watch your magic happen!
=] Michele

Altenew July 3, 2024 - 5:11 PM

Hope you can give this project a try!


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