Creating 3 Elegant Bookmarks feat. Jeweled Botanicals Layering Die Set!

by nathalie

Hello, crafty friends! It's Nathalie with you today, sharing a few ideas on creating elegant bookmarks featuring the beautiful Jeweled Botanicals Layering Die Set.

This new die set is just perfection!  It is easy to use, the details in the design are amazing, and the ending look of the die cuts is superb.

The possibilities with the new Jeweled Botanicals die set are just infinite, and since I am a butterfly lover, the idea of having them hanging from my journals was what inspired these bookmarks.

Elegant Bookmarks with Jeweled Botanicals


@altenew_ creating elegant bookmarks by Nathalie DeSousa

Of course, these beautiful butterflies just add that little something to my most beloved journals ( and these three are probably used daily).

I made sure that they coordinated with the covers of the journals, and that they were double-sided so that they would look great from each angle.

But the butterflies needed an anchor/base to hold onto, so let me show you what they look like outside of my journals.

@altenew_ creating elegant bookmarks by Nathalie DeSousa

I wanted each hanging butterfly to have a beautiful holder.  Creating elegant bookmarks was just so easy with a mix of Altenew products.  Let's take a closer look at each bookmark.

Elegant Bookmark #1

@altenew_ creating elegant bookmarks by Nathalie DeSousa

For this bookmark, I used the negative piece of foil left from a previous project featuring the Journey Abroad Hot Foil plate.

I cut the leftover panel to 2.5x 7.5″, then used the Labels and Tags 2 Die set to create the round edge and perforation at the top of the bookmark.

It was only logical that my butterfly matched the Brushed Gold Hot Foil look of the bookmark.  So, I cut a butterfly from Brushed Gold Metallic Cardstock (2 times for each piece).

I sandwiched vellum between the two metallic cardstock pieces, and before adding the center of the butterflies, I used strong glue to attach them to the strings.

I covered the string ends with the butterfly's thorax (which is cut from Dazzling Diamond Glitter Cardstock).

Elegant Bookmark #2

@altenew_ creating elegant bookmarks by Nathalie DeSousa

For this bookmark, I used the Nordic Vines Hot Foil plate and die to create two die-cuts of the same design.

I trimmed the die cut so that it sits in the center of the bookmark starting at the bottom edge.  Then added the second die cut at the top of the bookmark, and trimmed it to fit within the bookmark.  I added a few leftover pieces to the vine just for a bit more interest.

This time, I switched the color of the butterfly to white with a center cut from Turquoise Glittter Cardstock from the Blue Turquoise Glitter Cardstock set.

Elegant Bookmark #3

@altenew_ creating elegant bookmarks by Nathalie DeSousa

For my last bookmark, I wanted something a bit softer and feminine.  So, I am using the beautiful Billowing Flower Press plate and Hot Pressed Watercolor paper to create the bookmark.

This time, I chose Brushed Rose Metallic Cardstock and Bronzite Glitter Cardstock from the Golden Sunrise Glitter Cardstock set to create the Jeweled Botanicals Butterfly die cut.

@altenew_ creating elegant bookmarks by Nathalie DeSousa

I hope this idea of creating elegant bookmarks inspires your next crafting project! I cannot wait to see what you will create with all these beautiful Altenew products.



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Debby Allen February 4, 2024 - 5:17 PM

Nathalie, your bookmarks are full of inspiration! I tend to forget about bookmarks, but they are a great way to keep my card supplies fresh with new ideas other than just cards. Friends love a pretty bookmark too!

Keesha Soldevilla February 6, 2024 - 11:00 PM

Thank you so much, that’s truly inspiring to hear! It’s wonderful that Nathalie’s bookmark spark creativity beyond cards. What kind of ideas have you gotten from them?


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