DIY Fun with Alcohol Inks and Vellum

by Svitlana Shayevich

Hello everyone! Svitlana here today.

It seems like spring is here. Every day, more early spring flowers start blooming, including one of my favorite things about spring – magnolias!

These flowers are so magnificent I almost sometimes cannot believe they’re real. Seeing a magnolia tree starting to bloom the other day inspired me to create the card I’m sharing today.

Although I did a little twist of color scheme, stepping off the traditional pinks towards the blue color combo.

In this post, I will be also sharing some tips on working with vellum and alcohol inks, as well as some struggles I had along the way.

tips on working with vellum and alcohol inks,

DIY Fun with Alcohol Inks and Vellum

Originally I wanted to go with watercolors as my coloring medium, but then I recalled that it’s been a while since I played with alcohol inks. So I pulled out my alcohol inks to make the background and main floral element for my card.

Tip # 1: Use a non-porous surface with alcohol inks

When it comes to alcohol inks, it's better to use a non-porous surface where the inks can move around freely.

Unlike regular paper, a non-porous one will prevent the ink from immediately absorbing and the pigment from becoming locked in place.

I opted to use Vellum which I colored using the Sea Glass and Dusk Alcohol Inks. Additionally, I used a blending solution (you can also use rubbing alcohol) to help the inks move.

I added several drops of both inks and the solution onto the vellum and, using an air blower, moved them around until I achieved the desired look.

PRO TIP:  If you don't have an air blower you can use a straw and blow with your mouth.

tips on working with vellum and alcohol inks,

I made two vellum panels colored with the alcohol inks using this method. One of which I used as the background, first adhering it onto a Solar White Cardstock panel.

Tip # 2: What type of adhesive to use with vellum

If you ever worked with vellum you know that important question – what adhesive to use with it so it won't be visible through the semi-transparent vellum? And the answer to this question is pretty much – none.

Pretty much any adhesive more or less will be visible through the vellum. I usually strategically place it behind other elements like small embellishments, a sentiment label, or whatnot to hide it.

However, if you use an adhesive that covers the vellum piece evenly and completely,  you won't see it!

I used a Double-Sided Adhesive Sheet to achieve this result. I was able to adhere the background vellum onto a white cardstock without the adhesive seeing through.

Tip # 3: How to adhere the vellum piece

One note – I adhered the vellum onto the cardstock from the front side down. So the side that alcohol inks sit on is facing the cardstock.

I did it for two reasons – to have a more settled background design and to not deal with the sticky residue the alcohol inks leave behind in some areas if applied too thickly.

Next, I used the second vellum piece to create the floral element for the card. For this, I used the Paint-A-Flower: Paeonia Japonica Stamp Set, which was gold embossed onto the vellum piece using the Antique Gold Embossing Powder.

In this case, I also used the back side of the vellum as the front of the vellum (in other words – the embossing was done on the opposite side from where alcohol inks sit).

After that, I adhered the floral onto Solar White Cardstock, the alcohol ink side down, using a Double-Sided Adhesive Sheet. Followed by fussy cutting it using the Fine Blade Scissors and cutting the floral element into two pieces as I wanted to layer them.

Some crafty mishaps… and how I dealt it!

At this point,  I wasn't happy with how the floral turned out, to be completely honest with you. I didn't like the “white” edges around the image outline left behind from fussy cutting. And I felt like it was missing something.

First, I decided to address the “white” edges issue by adding more gold embossing around the edges. Using an embossing pen I traced the edges and gold embossed them. And this kind of resolved the second issue as well. The added bold gold outline was something that I felt missing.

alcohol inks

Additionally, I made several gold-on-white leaves using the same Paint-A-Flower: Paeonia Japonica Stamp Set, fussy cut them, and added additional embossing around the edges.

After foam-mounting the background panel onto a white card base I adhered the floral element onto it, using foam adhesive to pop it up. The white leaves we placed between alcohol inks colored elements to break them up and prevent them from visually blending together.

I used the Versatile Greetings Die Set to create the sentiment, die-cutting its parts out of Brushed Gold Metallic and Solar White Cardstock. The sentiment was popped up onto the floral element.

Lastly, I added several Gold Gem Crystals to accentuate the card.

Do you like playing with alcohol inks? How do you deal with little crafty mishaps and boo-boos? I'd love to hear your thoughts below. Thanks for stopping by!


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Tara C Prince March 23, 2024 - 3:30 PM

so very pretty

Maureen Reiss March 24, 2024 - 2:57 PM

Really Beautiful!!!

Michele Spinney March 28, 2024 - 5:08 PM

Your card is stunningly beautiful. I wish it was possible to reach out and touch your card. Thank you for sharing the making.


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