Die Highlight: Circle Quilt Cover Die

by Sveta Fotinia

Hello everyone! Today, I'm here to share with you three ways of using the new Circle Quilt Cover Die: the classic, the creative, and the unexpected… Interested? Read on to see what I meant.

Altenew Quilt Cover Die Sveta Fotinia 12For the first card, I used the cover die as usual. I created a full-sized patterned card panel from Our Family 12×12 Patterned Paper. I adhered it on a Warm Sunshine Cardstock. It turned very bright and positive! I added only a sentiment die-cut and that's it!

Altenew Quilt Cover Die Sveta Fotinia 01 Altenew Quilt Cover Die Sveta Fotinia 02 Altenew Quilt Cover Die Sveta Fotinia 03My second card is made using a cut die-cut (sounds funny!). I noticed a nice pattern piece and fussy cut it four times. Then I used the contrasting Dark Chocolate Cardstock because I planned to adhere it on a Woodgrain Powder Cardstock card base. I adhered them to create a new pattern and added a sentiment die-cut again. Altenew Quilt Cover Die Sveta Fotinia 04 Altenew Quilt Cover Die Sveta Fotinia 05 Altenew Quilt Cover Die Sveta Fotinia 06The idea of using a cover die for my third card came to me accidentally when I needed to use one more piece of paper to make sure that the die will cut the paper properly. As a result, I got a pretty embossed paper with a pattern from the backside of the die. This particular cover die backside pattern looks amazing on a Gold Mirror Cardstock. I made a wide strip using this technique and adhered it on an Apple Red Cardstock card base along with the Gold Glitter Tape and added a die-cut sentiment. I really love to create cards made totally from die-cuts.Altenew Quilt Cover Die Sveta Fotinia 08Altenew Quilt Cover Die Sveta Fotinia 10Altenew Quilt Cover Die Sveta Fotinia 07So, what way of using the new Circle Quilt Cover Die did you like the most today? Let me know in the comments section below!


Die 20with 20logo Circle 20Quilt 20Cover 20Die 5c4512ec 8e50 40ae 936b
Circle Quilt Cover Die
[ ALTN ]
Die Everything will be Okay 376ef4fa a178 4332 93f9
Everything Will Be Okay Die
[ ALTN ]
Merry Christmas Die Set
[ ALTN ]
Die Simply 20Hello 20Die bb5c7f68 e52b 4e86 b5bb
Simply Hello Die
[ ALTN ]
My 20Family 2012x2 20patterned 20cardstock 201 6a1ddeae 473e 41e9 b767
Our Family 12 x 12 Patterned Paper…
[ ALTN ]
Birch Wood 247d74a3 9953 4e8a b08c
Birch Wood (5 sheets/set)
[ ALTN ]
7524a9bc 2b86 4d06 b3fe e02d2bbcc6f0 5b73a806 e4ec 45eb a546
Lavender Fields Cardstock (10…
[ ALTN ]
22a98ad8 bcd2 4e9b 844d 25d1e6a7b270 49667581 525f 45c7 9235
Apple Red Cardstock (10 sheets/set)
[ ALTN ]
ce72fb0e 5e24 4a4a 92f8 54c932f7ca73 21648146 046a 4b37 98e2
Warm Sunshine Cardstock (10 sheets/set)
[ ALTN ]
Woodgrain Powder Cardstock (5…
[ ALTN ]
Dark Chocolate Cardstock (10 sheets/set)
[ ALTN ]
Gold Mirror Cardstock b6346771 fbbc 4581 a4cb
Gold Mirror Cardstock (5 sheets/set)
[ ALTN ]
Gold and Silver Glitter Tape 761c6c0d 2223 416f 8356
Gold & Silver Glitter Tape
[ ALTN ]
Die 20Cutting 20Machine 201 a7a57f86 f5eb 4b64 a638
Mini Blossom Die Cutting Machine
[ ALTN ]
c2cbce4c 6f74 4abf b891 1ce424697f6f 136154d8 4945 4400 b1c5
3 Pack Glue Tape
[ ALTN ]

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Maureen Reiss September 12, 2019 - 10:08 AM

This die makes everything so elegant!!!

Kathy Bolam September 12, 2019 - 11:25 AM

I couldn’t choose between Card #1 and #3. Love them both!

Kirsty September 13, 2019 - 1:50 AM

Lovely designs!

Vera Feldman September 13, 2019 - 1:33 PM

Love all those cards.

Karen September 16, 2019 - 8:21 AM

My favorite card is the embossed one. It is beautiful and so elegant. This looks like a fun die with lots of possibilities.


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