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by Michelle

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Hello there, Michelle here with Terrific Tags with Michelle and another episode of Creativity Unlocked featuring Wild Daisies Press Plate. Coloring pencils are a great way to add color to press plates, but can sometimes take a while to blend colors. Today I am sharing a quicker no-blend technique!

Wild Daisies Press Plate

Wild Daisies Press Plate

I started off my project by pressing the Wild Daisies Press Plate onto a white cotton card panel using the Betterpress Letterpress System. I placed the Wild Daisies Press Plate onto the chase and then inked it up using the black ink that comes with the system.

I placed the cardstock panel onto the platen (top clear plate) and held it in place with Satin Masking Tape. I placed the platen onto the base and ran it through my die cutting machine to press the image onto the cardstock. I then die cut the panel using a Terrific Tag Die.

TOP TIP: I like to run plates through the die cutting machine slowly, this prevents any smudging of the ink!

Wild Daisies Press Plate

No-Blend Coloring

I love coloring with color pencils, but it does take me some time to get a nice blend. I thought for today, I would share a quicker way to do it, using Woodless Coloring Pencils.

Starting off with the petals. I applied color to the tips of the petals, as well as the base of the petals using a flicking motion. I started off with my mid-tone color which is Midnight Violet. I then went in with my lightest shade which is Rubellite. I colored over where I had been with the purple and then brought the flicks in further towards the centres of the petals.

To add a little more contrast, I went in with Sapphire. I just added it to the very tips and base of the petals. By applying color with the flicking method, you automatically get somewhat of a blend between the colors, without having to do any of the work!

Wild Daisies Press Plate

I used Maple Yellow, Fresh Lemon and Yellow Ochre for the flower centres, and for the leaves and stems, I used Grass Field, Limeade and Shadow Creek.

This no-blend flicking technique works well for florals in particular, as petals and leaves would naturally have veins and striations in them anyway.

I die cut another Terrific Tag Die from the same cardstock and adhered it to the back using Glue Tape. I also die cut a hole reinforcer from the Labels & Tags 2 Die Set from Jet Black Cardstock and adhered it on top.

Wild Daisies Press Plate

Finishing Touches

I stamped a sentiment from the Sentiment Strips 2 Stamp Set onto Jet Black Cardstock using Embossing Ink. I applied Pure White Crisp Embossing Powder and heat set. It was cut into a strip and adhered to the tag using Instant Dimension Foam Tape.

To finish off, I added twine through the top of the tag and tied in a bow and then added a few Essential Black & White Enamel Dots (just the black ones) to embellish.

I hope I have inspired to you to try the Wild Daisies Press Plate, as well as no-blend coloring! You can watch the full process video below or on YouTube.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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spilor November 4, 2023 - 7:47 PM

This is so pretty, Michelle! Thanks for sharing!!
Lori S in PA

Beverly Jordan November 8, 2023 - 6:41 PM

I love your purple daisy press plate tag!! Gorgeous!!

Keesha Soldevilla November 8, 2023 - 11:31 PM

Thank you so much! 💜 I’m thrilled you enjoyed the purple daisy press plate tag. Your kind words mean a lot!


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