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by Erum Tasneem

8 21 2023 Creativity Unlocked Header ImageHi everyone! Erum here with a new project and video for the Creative Coloring with Erum video series. My project features the beautiful Build-a-Garden: Bougainvillea Stamp Set.

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Keep on reading for more tips and project ideas using this new set! 8 21 2023 Creativity Unlocked Projects Collage Build A Garden Bougainvillea

Build-A-Garden: Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea flowers, in their lovely shades of of red, pink, & more, are not only treasured for their stunning inflorescences but also symbolize passion & beauty! The Build-A-Garden: Bougainvillea Stamp Set features a detailed illustration of a bougainvillea branch, complete with its bright and beautiful flowers and delicate leaves. The intricate design captures the essence of this popular tropical plant, with its vibrant colors and unique texture. The set includes heartfelt greetings and sentiments suitable for a variety of occasions.

Today, I am using the Build-A-Garden: Bougainvillea Stamp Set—why don't we get started with a video?

Video: Loose Watercolor Bougainvillea


  1. On 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ Watercolor Cardstock, stamp the image from the Build-a-Garden: Bougainvillea Stamp Set in Obsidian Pigment Ink.
  2. For the Bougainvillea flowers, use Purple Wine and Rubellite Watercolor Brush Markers by applying them to the petals and then spreading the pigment with a wet paintbrush. You can also spread the color outside the floral area into the background and diffuse it out. (watch the video to see how)
  3. You can go back in again to darken the base of the petals if you need to.
  4. For the leaves, add Emerald to the base of the leaf, spread it with water, and leave the tips. You can spread out the color as done previously with pink. Then add Lime Watercolor Brush Marker pigment to the tips to add vibrancy. Make sure to add a bit of lime to the background as well.Bougainvillea
  5. Again, you can go back in to add more pigment to the leaves.
  6. Play around with the background to balance the colors to your liking.
  7. Dry the panel.
  8. Add fine splatters with Jet Blank Ink Spray using a paintbrush.
  9. Stamp sentiment with Obsidian Pigment Ink.
  10. Adhere to a card base with Ultra Sticky Double-Sided Tape.


Incorporating these techniques into your watercolor practice can lead to stunning results. But why stop there? How will you add your unique spin to the Build-A-Garden: Bougainvillea? Share your thoughts, experiments, and of course, your beautiful creations with us in the comments below. We're excited to see your artistic journey unfold! Join the conversation and let's inspire each other to new watercolor heights. Happy painting!

1 Product, Multiple Ways!

Before you go, here are some more card ideas featuring this Set!

Altenew Build A Garden Bougainvillea Outline Stamp Set Stencil Die Set Hosta 3D Embossing Folder Mini Blending Brush Sq2 Keisha Charles
In Keisha's card, a textured background serves as the foundation. The carefully positioned Build-A-Garden: Bougainvillea takes center stage, complemented by a neatly aligned sentiment, showcasing a balanced and visually appealing composition.
Altenew Build A Garden Bougainvillea 2 Deepa Robbins
Deepa crafted a landscape-oriented card adorned with a rich purple backdrop. The Build-A-Garden: Bougainvillea stamps
are strategically positioned, encircling the card akin to an elegant frame, while a centrally placed sentiment adds a focal point, resulting in a harmonious and captivating design.
Altenew Build A Garden Bougainvillea1 Charlene Madrid
Charlene's card features a white cardstock that contrasts against a black cardstock backdrop, creating a striking visual contrast. The central focus is the beautifully colored Build-A-Garden: Bougainvillea stamp, accompanied by the shimmering elegance of sequins and dynamic ink splatters.
Altenew BAG Bougainvillea Die Set Bougainvillea outline stamp set Bougainvillea Stencil Fuschia Dye Ink Olove Dye Ink Jennifer Leonard
Jennifer skillfully applies a soft green rectangular background onto the cardstock. The focal point is a thoughtfully positioned Build-A-Garden: Bougainvillea stamp at the center, harmonizing with the serene backdrop. A gentle sentiment graces the upper right corner of the stamp, culminating in a charming and balanced card creation.


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