Creativity Unlocked feat. Altenew Dual Tip Pens | Colorful Cards + Video Tutorial!

by Lilith Eeckels

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Hello, Altenew Fans. Lilith here with more Lovely Layers inspiration and another edition of Creativity Unlocked featuring the new Altenew Dual Tip Pens: Zanzibar, Islands of Fiji, and Tahitian Terrace. These pens are a perfect addition to your craft supplies and are great for cards, journaling, or coloring.

Welcome to Creativity Unlocked, where we highlight a new product from each month's collection or a fan favorite from past collections!

To show you how versatile these dual-tip pens are, I created three cards using three very different techniques. The layers here are created by layering pen strokes or creating the illusion of layers. I used all three sets of Dual Tip Pens to have an array of colors.

4 22 2023 Creativity Unlocked Projects Collage Tahitian Terrace Brush Fine Tip Pens Zanzibar Brush Fine Tip Pens

Altenew Dual Tip Pens

Take a trip to the Hawaiian shores, the exotic island of Tahiti, the crystal waters of Zanzibar, and the spectacular Islands of Fiji with Altenew's Dual Tip Pens. The colors have been thoughtfully selected to use with your favorite floral stamps, coloring books, and more! We have carefully chosen a sturdy yet flexible brush tip that is perfect for brush calligraphy, and the fine tip lends itself well to hand lettering. Each marker contains a fine nib for detail work as well as a brush nib for covering large areas, blending, and calligraphy.

Creativity Unlocked feat. Altenew Brush & Fine Tips Pens | Colorful Cards + Video TutorialDual Tip Pen Technique 1: Stippling

What is stippling? Stippling is the creation of a pattern simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using small dots. This is a fun technique to use instead of coloring.

How to:
  1. Stamp an image onto some white card stock. I picked the Soft Blossoms Stamp Set, which has simple and full flowers.
  2. Stipple the image. You can use one color and stipple more densely for a darker shade and fade out for a lighter shade, or you can pick a variety of colors like I did. I used: Baby Pink (Zanzibar Collection), Coral Berry, and Rubellite (Tahitian Terrace Collection).
  3. Add some green for the foliage using the same technique. I used Bamboo and Grass Fields from the Islands of Fiji Collection.
  4. Add a sentiment.

04222022 DualTipPens Card 2 204222022 DualTipPens Card 2 3Dual Tip Pen Technique 2: Stencilling

For the next card, I used a stencil and two pen colors: Caribbean Sky and Azurite (Islands of Fiji). You can use any stencil, but I would pick one which is sturdy and has a finer finish. The Beveled Squares Stencil is perfect for this technique.

How to:
  1. Place the stencil onto the cardstock. I used the Altenew Stampwheel for my stenciling as it keeps the stencil in place.
  2. Pick one color and color in the lines using the brush part of the pen.
  3. Use the second and fill in the rest. For this design, I alternated the colors.
  4. Add a couple of strips of thin washi tape. I used the matching Azurite slim washi tape from the Lapis Lazuli Collection.
  5. For some detail, cut out a thin flower die cut. (Fine Bouquet Die)
  6. Pick a sentiment and add it to the card.

04222022 DualTipPens Card 3 2I love how fun and funky this card looks.  It is also super easy to create, and you can make an array of cards using different color combinations.

04222022 DualTipPens Card 3 3

Dual Tip Pen Technique 3: Zentangle

The last card is probably my favorite. I love zentangle, and I find myself doodling away quite often to ease my mind. I loved creating this zentangle-inspired card.

How to:
  1. Draw a design on your card stock. I drew a border around the edge and created sections coming together approximately in the center.
  2. Fill in the sections with different designs. I used two shades of orange and one blue shade to create my various patterns.
  3. Use one of the colors and color a piece of white card stock. Cut out a circle shape.
  4. Stamp a sentiment on a sentiment strip.
  5. Layer the circle and sentiment strip onto the card.

04222022 DualTipPens Card 204222022 DualTipPens Card 3

You can see how I created each card in the video below or watch it in HD on YouTube.

These Dual Tip Pens are perfect for:

  • Hand-lettering & calligraphy
  • Writing and decorating in planners & bullet journals
  • Adding fine details to your watercolor projects
  • Stamping and coloring your favorite Altenew designs (we recommend the Obsidian Pigment Ink for watercolor over stamping)
  • Doodling
  • Art journals & sketchbooks
  • Watercolor-friendly coloring books
  • Watercoloring on the go
  • Illustration & urban sketching

How would you use these fun and vibrant Dual Tip Pens? For more inspiration using these pens, check out Jenny's post here.


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Michele W April 22, 2023 - 4:14 PM

Lilith, I love your fun ideas for using these markers. I’ll be looking at my markers a bit differently from now on. Thanks for inspiring me!

Altenew April 24, 2023 - 12:01 PM

Check out other ideas as well.. :) if you don’t want to miss updates and new inspirations, subscribe to our newsletter! Drop your email to the upper right hand of this blog to get the latest inspirations and updates.. :)


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