Two Colored Versions with Erum

by Erum Tasneem

Hi there! Erum here with another session of Creative Coloring with Erum. Today, I will be coloring two pages from the Watercolor Coloring Book by Altenew.

Altenew Coloring Book + 36 Pan Watercolor Set | Erum Tasneem | @pr0digy0

A little bit about the projects:

I decided to color the same image one in a light gray outline and the other in a black outline. As you know, the light gray outline is for the no-line coloring look. I also thought it would be so fun to share one detailed watercolor version and one that is more loose watercolor with minimal detail. For both pages, I will use the Watercolor 36 Pan Set.

In my video, for which you will need to scroll down a bit :), I will share both the projects. First, I will cover the easier version, as it doesn't take me long to color that image. And then, I will turn the music on and you can watch how I add details using watercolors on my second panel from the Coloring Book.

Altenew Coloring Book + 36 Pan Watercolor Set | Erum Tasneem | @pr0digy0

Easy, loose watercolor:

First, I applied water to the petal, and then dropped in pigment. Then, I pulled out the pigment with a clean brush. I made sure that there was less pigment on the tips of the petals. I kept the pigment concentrated at the end of the petals, to begin with. Next, I moved on to the next petal and colored all the petals the same way. The color I used is Deep Iris pigment from the Watercolor 36 Pan Set and a bit of Purple Wine in some places.

For the leaves, I used Evergreen, Forest Glades, and Bamboo. And a bunch of yellows and lighter oranges for the flower center.

Altenew Coloring Book + 36 Pan Watercolor Set | Erum Tasneem | @pr0digy0

For details, once I colored the entire flower, I went back in and added stippling. That's all I did. This was quick and easy. I could have spent a bit more time on this to make it look a tad nicer, but I wanted to do two extremes.

Detailed Watercolor:

Altenew Coloring Book + 36 Pan Watercolor Set | Erum Tasneem | @pr0digy0

This one took me a couple of hours to complete. I also added a bit more color to the leaves here :) They do look nice!

I really have no rule when I work on images in detail. You will notice that sometimes, I add darker details first and then add lighter details. And sometimes, I start with a light color wash. This is to show you that you can start whichever way you want to. But yes, one thing is for sure, if you want to add those fine line details, dry your image and then apply the pigment.

People usually worry about the brush size when doing this type of detailed watercolor. But you will notice that I will use both the fine brush and the round brush, it's just how good of control you have on your hand. Then, you can even use a round brush's tip to make these fine lines.

Altenew Coloring Book + 36 Pan Watercolor Set | Erum Tasneem | @pr0digy0

To color the leaves, I also mixed a bit of Paper Bag, Sunkissed, and Desert Night pigment.

You can watch the video below or on YouTube.

Thank you for stopping by!


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Watercolor Coloring Book
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Watercolor 36 Pan Set
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Artists' Watercolor Brushes – Detailed
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Artist Watercolor Brushes- Round
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Watercolor Palette – Large
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Michele F March 8, 2021 - 10:22 AM

There are definitely things I like about both of your styles of water coloring today, Erum! Off to watch, you always have some little tidbit to share! xx

Patricia Wilson March 8, 2021 - 11:19 AM

Just lovely! The detailed version was breathtaking but can see where it would take many hours to complete that. Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

barbara lassiter March 8, 2021 - 11:52 AM

I appreciated seeing your techniques for coloring these two images. My Altenew coloring book has been sitting on my desk waiting to be opened. Both of your images are beautifully colored and I am excited to try coloring from this book! Thank you!

Maureen Reiss March 8, 2021 - 11:54 AM

These are GORGEOUS!!!! I could watch you color all day!!

Rosali B. March 10, 2021 - 4:24 AM

I always love your creations, Erum! Your coloring is amazing! I can’t even say which one is my favorite from these two!


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