Creativity Unlocked featuring Artists’ Gouache Paints | Lovely Layers with Lilith (with Video Tutorial!)

by Lilith Eeckels

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Hello, Altenew fans. Lilith dropping by with a new Lovely Layers episode. Today, I will create some lovely layers using the Artists' Gouache Paints. These paints are a fabulous medium for creating stunning, colorful backgrounds. In case you missed it, we had a release blog hop featuring this coloring medium. Find more project ideas in the hop.

Welcome to Creativity Unlocked, where we highlight a new product from each month's collection or a fan favorite from past collections! Discover each product's endless creative possibilities and get inspired to create the paper crafting ideas we share here. Keep on reading for exclusive tips from our designers, handy tips and tricks, and stunning project inspiration from talented crafters.

Keep on reading for more tips and project ideas using the new gouache paints!

01 14 2023 Creativity Unlocked Projects Collage Artists Gouache Set

Artists' Gouache Set – Strolling Through New York

Wouldn't you love to unleash your inner artist & take your painting to the next level? Inspired by a brisk stroll through New York City, we have lovingly and carefully selected the twelve rich & vibrant colors in our brand new Artists' Gouache Set – Strolling Through New York for their versatility in painting a variety of subject matter – whether it is a glamorous cityscape, a bewitching botanical garden, or a modern portrait. These colors perfectly coordinate with our signature Altenew color families. For even more versatility, easily mix the various pigments to create your own custom palette.


  • 12 Rich & Vibrant Artist-Grade Colors
  • Dries Smooth
  • Opaque Finish
  • Versatile & Beginner-Friendly

Color Swatches

Download the layering guide below:

create layers with artists' gouache paints

There are many ways to use these gouache paints. You can mix them with water and use them as watercolors, or you use them as-is. I decided to use them right out of the tube.

01142023 ArtistsGouache 2

How to:

  1. Add paint to your background paper. I used watercolor paper for more sturdiness. Pick colors to match the color combination you are working with. I went with two color combos: red, pink, and yellow – mint and darker blues. (Coral Red, Ruby Red, Baby Pink, Primary Yellow, Misty Teal, Primary Cyan, and Prussian Blue).
  2. Smooth the colors out using a palette knife and leave to dry.
  3. For more texture, add embossing paste over a stencil (Bubble Wrap Stencil).
  4. Add embellishments, a title, your photo, and other details like doodling or extra detailed stamping.

01142023 ArtistsGouache 3

As I was going for a more mixed-media look, I opted to doodle around my clouds (very old die-cuts) and also added some doodled arrows and squiggly lines.

01142023 ArtistsGouache 4NB

01142023 ArtistsGouache 5NB

Have you ever tried to use gouache in this way?

Here are some more ideas for using gouache paints!

  1. Use as such on black cardstock. The vibrant colors will shine.
  2. Mix with water and use as watercolors. The advantage of gouache paint is that you can work from light to dark or dark to light.
  3. Mix colors together to create custom shades.

What are your go-to gouache techniques? I'd love to know.

Curious to see how this layout was created? Watch the video below or hop over to YouTube for the HD version.

1 Product, Multiple Ways!

Before you go, here are a few paper crafting ideas featuring our gouache paints!

Altenew Artists Gouache Set Artists Watercolor Brushes Round Watercolor Paper Set Joy Dsouza scaled

Go with the flow and create your own freehand watercolor art!

Altenew Artists Gouache set 9 Laura Jane

LauraJane's freehand watercolor florals are quite a sight for sore eyes. So lovely! Read more here.

Altenew Artists Gouache Set1 Jaycee Gaspar

Jaycee's adorable painting of his using our new gouache set is just fabulous!!! Check it out here.

Altenew Artist Gouache 02 Amber Rain Davis

We're truly happy that Amber joined our IG hop and shared her stunning creations with us! And, of course, she worked her amazing Zentangle magic in these projects.

Altenew Gouache3 Laurie Willison

Need something quick and stunning? Here's an idea from Laurie! She simply painted a fun rainbow background using the new paints!

Thank you so much for stopping by. See you soon with more inspiration.


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Jami January 17, 2023 - 11:31 PM

I love the mixed media look. I think you nailed it! Beautiful layout!


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