Essential Crafting Supplies—Unveiling the Top 10 Bestsellers for August 2023!

by Tricia Tan

2023 08 Top product banners Top BannerAre you a crafting fan looking for new and cool stuff to add to your collection? You're in luck! We've picked out the Top 10 crafting supplies from Altenew that will make your crafting even more exciting. These products include fancy and gorgeous new designs you can cut out, colorful inks, and fabulous patterns for your projects. Are you excited? Let's check out the list!

Just so you know, these fantastic products can sell out pretty quickly. But don't worry! Altenew has a way to help. If something you want is sold out, you can sign up to get notified when it's back in stock and ready to buy again. Happy crafting!

The Hottest Crafting Supplies of August 2023

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Wild Flowers

Let your creativity flourish with the Wild Flowers stamp and die set. This versatile set features a variety of floral images, allowing you to create intricate bouquets or scatter individual blossoms across your projects. The detailed designs bring the beauty of the outdoors to your crafting table, offering endless inspiration.

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Craft-A-Flower: Stargazer Lily Layering Die Set

Craft breathtaking floral focal points with the Craft-A-Flower: Stargazer Lily Layering Die Set. The intricate layering dies enable you to create elegant, three-dimensional stargazer lilies that add an air of sophistication to your projects, whether it's a card, scrapbook page, or home decor item!

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Zesty Life

Add a splash of vivacity to your crafts with the Zesty Life stamp and die set. Featuring citrus fruits and leaves, this set allows you to layer and arrange elements to create lively scenes and cheerful designs. It's a perfect choice for summer-themed projects and joyful greeting cards.

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Floral Engravings Press Plates

Elevate your paper crafting with the Floral Engravings Press Plates. These plates add intricate texture and detail to your projects with a simple roll through your die-cutting machine. The result is a touch of elegance that transforms your creations into sophisticated works of art.

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Citrus Fruits Pattern Layering Stencil Set (4 in 1)

Add a burst of zest to your crafts with the Citrus Fruits Pattern Layering Stencil Set. With four stencils designed for layering, you can play with colors and patterns, creating dynamic backgrounds, focal points, or even entire scenes with vibrant citrus motifs.

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Exotic Plumerias

The Exotic Plumerias stamp and die set captures the allure of these unique flowers. The layered design of the stamps adds depth and dimension to your creations, making it easy to achieve a realistic and captivating look. Craft exotic-themed projects that transport recipients to far-off destinations.

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Caribbean Dreams Die Set

Transport yourself to an island paradise with the Caribbean Dreams Die Set. The dies in this set allow you to cut out delightful palm trees, seashells, and more, injecting a touch of coastal serenity into your projects. Perfect for adding a splash of beachy vibes to your cards, scrapbooks, and beyond.

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Build-A-Garden: Sweet Lilies

Crafting elegant, layered lilies is a breeze with the Build-A-Garden: Sweet Lilies set. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting, this stamp and die bundle enables you to create lifelike floral arrangements that radiate charm. The intricate layers add depth to your projects, making every creation a masterpiece.

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Deco Garden Fresh Dye Ink Mini Cube Set

The Deco Garden Fresh Dye Ink Mini Cube Set offers a rainbow of rich and fast-drying inks, providing a versatile palette that's perfect for stamping, blending, and creating captivating backgrounds. The small cube size is not only adorable but also practical, allowing you to experiment and layer colors effortlessly.

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Zero-Waste Fun Little Flowers Die

Emerging as the bestseller among our amazing crafting supplies is none other than the Zero-Waste Fun Little Flowers Die! This innovative die set merges eco-conscious crafting with intricate design. Its unique design not only allows you to craft stunning floral embellishments but also minimizes waste, appealing to both environmentally-conscious crafters and those seeking intricate floral beauty.

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There you have it, an exciting lineup of the top 10 bestselling crafting supplies for August 2023, handpicked to ignite your creativity and transform your projects into true works of art. Whether you're drawn to the intricate designs of the dies, the vibrant hues of the inks, or the captivating patterns of the stencils, these products have something for every crafter. Which of these crafting essentials are you most excited to add to your collection? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let's keep the creative conversation flowing!

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