Hi there everyone. Happy Monday! Erum here, back with a new video for the Creative Coloring with Erum video series, and today, I will show how to watercolor poppies.

I have a super vibrant card featuring Paint-A-Flower: Iceland Poppies Outline Stamp Set. I will use the Watercolor Brush Markers to color today.

How to Watercolor Poppies

When I saw the Paint-A-Flower: Iceland Poppies Outline Stamp Set, I knew I wanted to create a field of poppies, but the idea in my mind had mossy greens. Maybe a few touches of lime here and there, but I don't know what I thought when I started to color the background green using the wrong color. Watch the video to find out what I did to fix it!

How to Watercolor Poppies:

  1. Apply the anti-static powder onto A2 Watercolor Cardstock.
  2. Stamp the image from Paint-A-Flower: Iceland Poppies Outline Stamp Set multiple times to cover the lower edge of the watercolor panel in Embossing Ink.
  3. Cover with Pure White Embossing Powder and heat set.
  4. Use Crimson Watercolor Brush Marker and apply it directly to the tips of the petals, exceeding it slightly inwards.
  5. Use Fresh Lemon Watercolor Brush Marker and apply it next to the flower center, exceeding it outwards, leaving a bit of area between the two pigments.
  6. Use a wet paintbrush to work the two pigments together to blend in the middle. Color all petals similarly.

    Tip: Do not over-blend the two pigments or they will become one. We want a distinct red and yellow color to be visible.

  7. Use Limeade Watercolor Brush Marker to color the flower center and add a hint of Just Green Watercolor Brush Marker Pigment to add a shade.
  8. To color the stems, use Just Green Watercolor Brush Marker. Tip: Add pigment to the start and end of the stems, then use a wet paintbrush to blend. This will give you an ombre effect.

How to Watercolor Poppies

Watercoloring the Background:

  1. Start by adding Limeade Watercolor Brush Marker pigment directly to the lower portion of the panel and dilute it with water.
  2. I also added Just Green Watercolor Brush Marker pigment to this section.
  3. To reduce the vibrancy, I added a bit of Crimson Watercolor Brush Marker pigment. (This was my choice, you can omit this step).
  4. To give the panel a loose watercolor look, add water to the top half portion and diluted red, yellow, and green pigment until you are happy with the look.
  5. Dry the panel and add splatters of diluted green watercolor to the top portion. Clean off if there are too many.
  6. Add grass using the Just Green Watercolor Brush Marker on the lower portion. Use a paintbrush and the same pigment from a palette to get a variation in concentration.
  7. Dry the panel entirely and then add fine black paint splatters.
  8. Use the white pen from the Must-Have Gel Pen Set to fill in the stamens.
  9. Stamp the sentiment in Obsidian Pigment Ink.

Vibrant Watercolor Poppies

Video: How to Watercolor Poppies

You can watch the video on how to watercolor poppies below or on YouTube. I will share how I toned down the green area on my card and tried to fix it!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial on how to watercolor poppies and will try the Altenew Watercolor Brush Markers. I love how pigmented they are. They are also quite water-reactive, which helps you do tons of excellent techniques with them!

Please remember not to give up on your coloring panels; keep trying, as I did in my video today. Even though I dislike the particular green and red shade together, I tried my best to work around it and make it work. So you can too! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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