Sweet Birthday Cards with Cake Love Stamp Set

by May Sukyong Park

Hello friends, Norine back with you today! I went way back into the stamp archives for a stamp set to use for today's cards! I've had the Cake Love Stamp Set for a while and often put it in the “maybe I'll use this set today” pile, but then it gets shuffled out in favor of something else. But today was its lucky day! Maybe it's because I'm in the mood for cake, but whatever, it was a delightful morning of painting and card-making!

Altenew CakeLove Aug19 1Actually, I combined two stamp sets for these cards, but my focus was mainly on the Cake Love stamp set.

Altenew CakeLove Aug19 3To begin, I stamped the assorted images onto masking paper and cut them out so that I could build the stamp scene on the card above. I knew that I wanted a topper for the tallest cake on the left so I chose one of the flower images from the Build-A-Flower: Poppy Stamp Set, stamped it first and masked it before stamping the cake images below.

Altenew CakeLove Aug19 4The top layer of that cake is a filler stamp and because it was the only portion of the whole image that had no outline, I went back with a black fine-tip marker and drew in those lines. I love the “sketchy” style of these images – it makes it easy to add a hand-drawn element without it standing out.

Altenew CakeLove Aug19 5Next, I colored all the images with the Watercolor Brush Markers, laying down pure pigment in the most deeply shadowed places, but also smearing color onto the watercolor palette and using a water-filled brush to pick up more color and extend the darker shades into the lighter. To achieve a cohesive whole, I chose a predominant color scheme of pink and blue (Crimson and Dusk) with a little yellow and green (Warm Sunshine and a mix of Sweet Leaf and Warm Sunshine) to balance.

Once painted and dry, I used a straight edge and Xacto knife to trim the straight lines along the bottom, and hand-cut the remaining edges, then laid the stamped portion over top a piece of coordinating patterned paper along the bottom. I used the same Obsidian Pigment Ink to stamp a sentiment from the Cake Love stamp set as I used for stamping the images.

Altenew CakeLove Aug19 6My next card consists of a background/patterned paper made by stamping the two floral images from the Build-A-Flower: Poppy set all over a cardstock card panel. I painted the leaves with combinations of Watercolor Brush Markers in shades of Sweet Leaf, Lime, Moss, and Emerald and painted in the background with very diluted Dusk. That way I could leave the flowers unpainted and they pop as a very nice “white” flower.

Altenew CakeLove Aug19 7Then I stamped and masked the smaller of the flower/leaf combos from the Poppy set to adorn the top of the cake and then stamped the cake below. I used a small piece of masking paper to cover up a small flower on the cake that I didn't want to compete with the cake topper.

Altenew CakeLove Aug19 9I used the same colors to paint the cake and cake stand then fussy cut the image to adhere to a stitched oval die-cut that I popped up with a coordinating color of fun foam. Next, I stamped the “happy birthday” sentiment with embossing ink and black embossing powder onto vellum paper. Then, I hand-cut the fish-tail ends to create a banner that I folded and tucked underneath the edges of the oval die-cut.

Altenew CakeLove Aug19 8Simple and sweet is how I'd sum up today's cards! Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


Cake Love Stamp Set
[ ALTN ]
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Cake Love Die Set
[ ALTN ]
Watercolor 20Brush 20Markers Tropical 20Fiesta 201 60d5929f a58d 4b6d 90cc
Watercolor Brush Markers – Tropical…
[ ALTN ]
Watercolor 20Brush 20Markers Winter 20Wonderland 201 cfb24808 6b8e 4bce 93fb
Watercolor Brush Markers – Winter…
[ ALTN ]
46b24e3d 4b3d 40a8 871a 230564b38ec1
Watercolor Brush Markers – Spring…
[ ALTN ]
BAF 20Poppy 20SD b23fe0e7 3bd5 4bfb aa29
Build-A-Flower: Poppy
[ ALTN ]
December 202018 20Release 20Enamel 20Dots 20Bundle c7d4c79a d3ea 4f8b 8a89
December 2018 Release Enamel Dots Bundle
[ ALTN ]
Embossing Ink Clear b073e545 4466 428e b2a4
Embossing Ink
[ ALTN ]
Watercolor Palette Bundle
[ ALTN ]

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Cindy C. August 29, 2019 - 10:39 AM

Sweet cards!! I have this set too, one of my favorites for make birthday cards too!!

Vera Feldman August 29, 2019 - 11:34 AM

Those really are cute birthday cards – simple but elegant

Patricia Wilson August 29, 2019 - 12:15 PM

Cute stamp set and would make great Birthday and Wedding cards. I like the price point, also, as on a fixed income every penny counts.

Tara Prince August 29, 2019 - 2:51 PM

Very sweet cards!

Carol Mc August 30, 2019 - 3:26 PM

Very cute cards. Love the soft colors.

Kathryn Ladra September 6, 2019 - 8:43 PM

I have this set as well and it is so much fun to see how many different ways it can be used.
I always admire your cards Norine.


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