Build-A-Flower: Torch Ginger Release Blog Hop + Giveaway

by Altenew

Blog Hop

Hello everyone and welcome to our special Build-A-Flower Release Blog Hop!!!

This month, we are introducing the gorgeous Build-A-Flower: Torch Ginger!

It is such a delight to bring you the special release of a new Build-A-Flower Set every month! Make sure to look out for these beauties for they are a definite must-have!

Before anything else… did you know about our Build-A-Flower Monthly Subscription Plan?!

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We know you are dying to take a closer look at the new Build-A-Flower: Torch Ginger set, so here's a quick unboxing video for you! Watch it below or over on YouTube:

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Our Build-A-Flower sets include a 6×8 stamp set and a coordinating die set so you can easily create your handmade projects. These sets are only available as a set and not as individual products.

BAF Torch Ginger Blog Post

Build-A-Flower: Torch Ginger

This stamp set honors the unique beauty of the torch ginger, complete with a 4-layer flower and 3-layer leaf, plus additional outline images. The stamp set is finished off with five mix-and-match sentiments. If you are looking to wow your loved ones with a glorious unique floral project, this is the stamp set for you!

Having trouble with your ink color combinations?

BAF Torch Ginger Blog Post with InkWe've taken the guesswork out for you with our special Build-A-Flower: Torch Ginger and Ink Bundle! Get it at 5% off and start creating gorgeous projects easily!


To celebrate this release, Altenew is giving away a $30 gift certificate to 5 lucky winners! Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog for a chance to win. We’ll also draw a winner to receive a $15 gift certificate from the comments left on each designer’s blog on the blog hop list below. All winners will be announced HERE on 04/09/2020.

Projects Collage

Your next stop is the super talented Nathalie DeSousa!


Altenew Card Blog

Nathalie DeSousa

Vicky Papaioannou

Virginia Lu


Mindy Eggen

Maryam Perez

Kelly Griglione

Nicole Watt

Have fun hopping along!



As promised, we have chosen 5 winners here on the Altenew Card Blog who will each receive a $30 gift certificate to our online store, and they are:

card1 card2 card3 card4 card5

Please send a screenshot of your winning comment or a link to this blog post to with the subject line “Build-A-Flower Torch Ginger Release Giveaway Winner from ______'s blog” by 04/23/20 so we can set you up with your prizes. (Ex: Build-A-Flower Torch Ginger Release Giveaway Winner from May Park's blog)

***Due to the bulk of emails that our team receives, kindly give us 5-7 business days to process your prizes. Thank you for understanding!

We have chosen winners of a $15 gift certificate from the comments left on each of the participating designers' blogs in this blog hop! You can find ALL the names of the winners below.

From Kelly Griglione's blog

kelly gFrom LauraJane's blog
laurajaneFrom Maryam's blog
maryamFrom Mindy's blog
From Nathalie's blog
nathalieFrom Nicole's blog
nicole wattFrom Vicky's blog

vicky pFrom Virginia's blog
virginiaThank you for hopping along!


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Lora Bowman April 1, 2020 - 12:43 PM

Stunning new set! Torch Ginger!
Thank you Altenew for blessing us with new and endless possibilities to share with others.

Irene Sterquelle April 1, 2020 - 12:46 PM

Love the Torch Ginger set! It is so pretty!

sandy M April 1, 2020 - 12:47 PM

This is a beautiful set. The flowers are gorgeous and will get a lot of use.

Jan Gyore April 1, 2020 - 12:50 PM

Gorgeous new floral set. I love the way you add depth to the stamping by adding dark and light coloring. Great amount of possibilities

Mirella Rogan April 1, 2020 - 1:16 PM

Whoa, what an unusual flower, and how stunning! Love this!

Carla Hundley April 1, 2020 - 10:18 PM

Beautiful flower set!
Carla from Utah

Nancy Wilcox April 1, 2020 - 1:23 PM

This is a gorgeous flower!

Vicky Ottenfeld April 1, 2020 - 1:35 PM

Love the variety of flowers you use in your stamps!

Trish April 1, 2020 - 1:36 PM

I recently discovered Altenew through Jennifer McGuire’s videos. I love your products and have since ordered some of your products. I love this flower kit too.

RobiW April 1, 2020 - 1:37 PM

Not only do I love Altenew flowers, but I love that I learn about flowers I’ve never heard of!

M Stevens April 1, 2020 - 1:41 PM

WOW another amazing build a flower stamp and die set. Added to my wish list!!! Thank you to all the designers who shared their inspiration for this set!!

Doris Jones April 1, 2020 - 1:42 PM

What a gorgeous design. I love the creativity …. splendid morning watching all the videos! I definitely had some favourites!

Katie April 1, 2020 - 1:49 PM

Such a unique set!

Claudia K Anderson April 1, 2020 - 1:51 PM

This is such a unique flower! Love it!

Maureen Mcdevitt April 1, 2020 - 2:19 PM

Blown away by this beautiful set! I can’t wait to get it!

Lee April 1, 2020 - 2:29 PM

Beautiful set. And looks versatile!

Lynn Young April 1, 2020 - 2:43 PM

I love this flower, very different from others I have, thank you for your creativity.

Anonymous April 1, 2020 - 2:56 PM

Unusual flower, stamps always stamp so, so well!

Julie Busch April 1, 2020 - 2:57 PM

Such a unique and beautiful flower! There will be so many beautiful colors to use with this!

Amy Cooley April 1, 2020 - 7:43 PM

Beautiful flower this month! I’m looking forward to the inspiration.

Deepa Lakshman April 1, 2020 - 3:10 PM

This is such a beautiful flower. Very nice.

Jade April 1, 2020 - 3:13 PM

Growing up in Hawaii, the torch ginger is a very special flower. I love this flower and it looks so real.

Daria Z. April 1, 2020 - 3:26 PM

Another reason I love Altenew – being introduced to flowers I’ve never heard of. I googled Torch Ginger and found a unique and lovely flower! Nice addition to your BAF family!!

Jeanne Beam April 1, 2020 - 3:32 PM

Such a gorgeous flower stamp set! Love the cards and layouts created by the designers.
Thanks so much for sharing…

Edina Sera April 1, 2020 - 3:33 PM

Beautiful, unique flower. Great ink bundle and colour combination for this nice stamp set.

Sharon Gullikson April 1, 2020 - 3:49 PM

I have never heard of this flower before. I like how different it is!!! Different is what I am after. Thanks for showing us :)

Terri Ayers April 1, 2020 - 3:56 PM

Love this stamp set!

Linda BL April 1, 2020 - 5:10 PM

What a beautiful flower. I am familiar with the variety of ginger which produce white blooms. These Torch Ginger blooms are pretty spectacular. Great choice for a Build-a- Flower set!

knurse22 April 1, 2020 - 5:15 PM

Another great addition to the Altenew BAF family! Love the size! The designers have done some gorgeous things with it!

Deborah Allmon April 1, 2020 - 5:22 PM

This is a beautiful flower and so easy to work with.

Carol M.D. April 1, 2020 - 5:24 PM

You make it so easy to match ink color with the sets. Beautiful cards examples.

Jeanne Goldberg April 1, 2020 - 5:28 PM

I cannot believe how beautiful this flower is. It is now on my wish list.

AGolliver April 1, 2020 - 5:31 PM

This is a beautiful stamp set. All the layers make this so simple and so gorgeous!

Susan Babcock April 1, 2020 - 5:42 PM

Very beautiful! I’ve never heard of a Torch Ginger flower. The layering is so nice.

dorothyayotte April 1, 2020 - 5:50 PM

Torch Ginger- what a catchy name! Pretty flower, with beautiful layering. I honestly think the layering is getting better and better, and I am motivated to buy more of your layered sets. Thanks Altenew! Looking forward to the bloghop!

mdmouse1 April 1, 2020 - 6:04 PM

Love this flower! I am enjoying all the inspiration!

Sheri Kempke April 1, 2020 - 6:52 PM

Another beautiful floral stamp from Altenew! Great job!

Donna Oates April 1, 2020 - 6:59 PM

Stunning design! Design team examples are outstanding!

Maria Alder April 1, 2020 - 7:00 PM

A very pretty flower and so easy to make thanks to this new build a flower set.
Love to win so I can buy some of your flower set x

Retta Lutte April 1, 2020 - 7:01 PM

What a beautiful set. I can’t wait for this blog hop!!!!!

Annette Gordon April 1, 2020 - 7:19 PM

This set is sooo beautiful, and I don’t have any layered flowers that are similar to this one. It would be a nice addition to my collection. I can’t wait to see what the design team has done. There is several examples above that really caught my eye and would to know more about they achieved those fabulous looks!

acraftyperson411 April 1, 2020 - 7:24 PM

Stunning flower set again this month!! LOVE IT.

Janelle S April 1, 2020 - 7:25 PM

Lovely stamp set. It reminds me of my State’s floral emblem, the Waratah, from New South Wales, Australia.

Melissa Friedrich April 1, 2020 - 8:03 PM

OH I LOVE this Ginger BAF, having the outline AND the layers give so much versatility and the DT blog hop projects are amazing!

Cheryl MVI April 1, 2020 - 8:07 PM

I thought I knew my flowers but you have introduced me to one I did not know. Thanks for this! It’s a stunning set.

Barbie Jo Bonnett April 1, 2020 - 8:13 PM

Wow! What a gorgeous set! I have to add this to my collection. Very different shape from my other sets. Love what each person did with it. Hard to pick my favorite. Thank you for continuing to bring out wonderful collections. I also love that you have curated mini ink collections to take away my angst in choosing colors! Always a fan.

Kaitlyn April 1, 2020 - 9:36 PM

The altenew ink sets are really handy.

Meghan Kennihan April 1, 2020 - 10:11 PM

I have never heard of this flower! What a beauty! Thank you!

beccreates1 April 1, 2020 - 10:53 PM

Absolutely gorgeous! The examples are awesome.

Patty A Eifert April 1, 2020 - 10:58 PM

Love the look of this flower with the four layers!

Tema April 1, 2020 - 11:02 PM

What a beautiful flower.Love it!

Patti Nienberg April 1, 2020 - 11:15 PM

Beautiful flowers! What a lovely set!

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