Exclusive Rewards and Discounts with Altenew’s VIP Loyalty Program + Exciting Double Points Promo!

by Jeffry Quiñanola

Altenew VIP Loyalty Program Double Point Promotion

It’s no secret that we crafters enjoy giving and spreading love to our friends and family through creative projects and pursuits. It’s also an awesome feeling when the brands we love give love back through customer VIP loyalty programs.

But how do loyalty and rewards programs help brands like Altenew show love to customers? Let’s explore that today.

VIP Loyalty Program: The Perks of A Loyal Customer

We all love a good bargain, right? But imagine if every shopping trip felt like a reward in itself. That's exactly what VIP loyalty programs are all about – they turn the typical shopping experience into a two-way street of love and appreciation. 

The coolest thing about it? The sweet array of perks and rewards. They're like a treasure chest of surprises waiting to be unlocked:

1. Points Galore

Collecting points with every purchase brings you closer to rewards. So, while you're shopping, you're essentially earning a little something for your future self. Sometimes, there are even Double Point promos, which you’ll know more about later.

2. Exclusive Discounts

VIP loyalty programs often shower members with exclusive discounts and early access to sales. For crafters, that’s a dream come true – more discounts mean more supplies. More supplies = more crafting projects!

3. Birthday Bonanza

Some programs even throw in special birthday treats. It's like having your own personal shopper who knows your style inside and out. Plus, who doesn’t like a surprise on their special day?

4. Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!

Accumulating enough points can also score you amazing rewards. It's like the universe saying, “Here’s an awesome thing for you. You deserve this!”

Let’s not go far for an example: Here at Altenew, we do that through our VIP Loyalty Program, where you can gain points, coupons, and discounted shipping costs. And, yes, we have birthday rewards, too!

Beyond Appreciation and Relationship Building

Rewards programs also go beyond the transactional. They're our way of saying, “Hey, thanks for choosing us!” Basically, it’s like sending a virtual bouquet of appreciation to every loyal customer.

What’s more, it’s not just one purchase or one visit. We, as a brand, are creating a bond with you, to build relationships that stand the test of time. In truth, you're no longer just a shopper; you're part of the family!

Experience the Joys of Being Rewarded

So, the next time you sign up for a VIP loyalty program, think of it as more than just saving a few bucks. It’s our way to give back to wonderful customers like you.

It's a delightful two-way street of appreciation and discounts. In a world where every little bit counts, loyalty programs are here to make shopping even more rewarding.

And sometimes, there are double surprises. Case in point: You can earn 2X the reward points with every order from 12/18/2023 at 12:01 AM EST until 12/20/2023 at 11:59 PM EST. Altenew VIP Loyalty Program members only.

You can shop here: https://altenew.com

Altenew VIP Loyalty Program Double Point Promotion

Let us reward your loyalty with love of our own. Join our VIP Loyalty Program today (in case you still haven’t!). Awesome perks, discounts, and goodies await you, our crafty friends.

Happy crafting!

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