Ending the Year With a Blast! Altenew’s Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers for December 2023

by Jeffry Quiñanola

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers for December 2023

This is it, crafty friends! We’re now down to our last Top 10 crafting bestsellers list for 2023!

It’s nearly the end of the year — it feels like it was just yesterday when we talked about starting 2023. But now that the new year is rolling in, we have a lot to be thankful for. YOU, our crafty friends, are on top of that list.

More crafting goodies and must-haves went flying off our shelves this December, and we’re so looking forward to seeing the cards, scrapbook layouts, and projects you’ll be making with those supplies!

So, without further ado, here’s our list of the top 10 crafting bestsellers at the end of December!

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Altenew's Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers for December

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in December 2023 - Iridescent Shimmer Ink Spray

10: Iridescent Shimmer Ink Spray

Starting off with #10 on our crafting bestsellers list: Add vibrant color with shimmer and shine to your paper crafting projects with our Iridescent Shimmer Ink Spray! This product is acid-free and archival, and each spray bottle contains 2 fl. oz. of pigment.

Remember to shake thoroughly before using to ensure that the metallic pigment is evenly distributed. For better and more even results, spray from a distance of 6-8 inches on your projects.

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in December 2023 - One-Go: Birthday Greetings

9: One-Go: Birthday Greetings

Check out this convenient and fashionable way to make trendy birthday cards in one go! Create fun and lively birthday cards and craft projects with this beautiful collection of coordinated stamp and die sets!

Our One-Go series is an easy way to stamp multiple images in one smooth motion or use a single die to cut out all the elements you need. So much time and effort conserved, turning crafting into a delightful experience for beginners and pros alike.

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in December 2023 - Dynamic Duo: Dainty Roses

8: Dynamic Duo: Dainty Roses

A fan of our Vintage Roses and Antique Roses Sets? Then you’re in for a treat!

At number 8 is our Dynamic Duo: Dainty Roses Stamp and Stencil Set you’ll surely adore! The Dainty Roses Collection features five stamps and two coordinating stencils for an intricate rose cluster. Plus, it comes with ten versatile sentiments for creating handmade cards for any occasion. 

Pro tip: Stamp in dark hues for a bolder effect.

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in December 2023 - Ultimate Zero-Waste Die Bundle

7: Ultimate Zero-Waste Die Bundle

Join the Zero Waste movement with our Ultimate Zero-Waste Die Bundle! These cover dies are just the right tools for eco-conscious crafters!

Specifically crafted to help you create beautiful designs while reducing material wastage, the Zero-Waste Die Bundle allows you to cut out a distinctive background along with leftover pieces that can be reassembled to form layered flowers or leaves. Then you can either add these to the background or utilize them in other crafting projects!

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in December 2023 - Majestic Mountains Layering Stencil Set

6: Majestic Mountains Layering Stencil Set (4 in 1)

Embrace the majesty and elegance of natural formations with the Majestic Mountains Layering Stencil Set.

Through four intricate stencil layers, you bring the grandeur and beauty of majestic mountains into your crafting projects. The initial stencil portrays the broad shape and outline of the mountains, serving as a solid base for the following shadow layers to be added.

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in December 2023 - Glitter Gradient Cardstock Set

5: Glitter Gradient Cardstock Set – Golden Sunrise

At the halfway point of our crafting bestsellers list, crafters continue to show their love for our Glitter Gradient Cardstock Sets, and this time, the Golden Sunrise color family is in the spotlight! 

With these specialty cardstocks, you can create stunning decorations easily, without the risk of glitter accidents and messes! Feel free to choose the perfect colors that pair well with our layering dies and cut out dazzling die-cuts to add glamorous touches to your projects!

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in December 2023 - Stampwheel: Square Grid Flip Plate

4: Stampwheel – Square Grid Flip Plate

Crafters asked and we delivered! We’ve added new flip plate options for Stampwheel users and among them, the Square Grid Flip Plate is a fan favorite this December!

And why not? The Square Grid Flip Plate is a great tool for crafters having a hard time aligning their card bases. With this piece of crafting ingenuity, you get perfectly aligned, perfectly-stamped card designs and projects every single time!

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in December 2023 - Through the Window Die Set

3: Through the Window Die Set

We’re now at the Top 3 of our crafting bestsellers for December, and it’s time to take a peek into a wonderful world through the window!

The Through the Window Die Set provides a charm unlike any other! This die set comes with a window frame, shutters, a plant holder, and extra decorative elements. Design various sceneries and landscapes for every season of the year — decorate with leaves, tree branches, flowers, grass, and even adorable snowmen!

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in December 2023 - Craft-A-Flower: Calla Lily Layering Die Set

2: Craft-A-Flower: Calla Lily Layering Die Set

Ah, yes… Calla lilies. Such grace and elegance in one beautiful flower. Why not bring this sophistication into your paper crafts?

With the Craft-A-Flower: Calla Lily Layering Die Set, you can bring together four exquisitely crafted lilies, three intricately designed leaves, and two lengthy stems into one dazzling and customized bouquet of timelessness.

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in December 2023 - Build-A-Garden: Blossoming Freesia

1: Build-A-Garden: Blossoming Freesia

And finally, in the number one spot is a heartwarming symbol of friendship!

Freesia blossoms, which symbolize friendship, are the inspiration for the Build-A-Garden: Blossoming Freesia Stamp Set. This kit showcases a carefully outlined freesia branch, accentuating the graceful curves and shapes of its leaves and petals. Plus, you will find friendship-related sentiments in this set, ideal for creating personalized cards and DIY tags.

Show your friends how much you love them with this lovely and inspired design!

Best Sellers

Feel free to check out this video to see these crafting bestsellers in action:

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Which one of these end-of-the-year crafting bestsellers caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below. Happy crafting, everyone, and may we all have a prosperous 2024!

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