Fresh Dye Inks Q&A | All Your Burning Questions About Our NEW Inks – Answered!

by Irick Arbuso

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Ever since the release of our Trailblazing Fresh Dye Inks, we've been receiving A LOT of questions about them! Why is it round? Are you replacing the oval dye inks? What do you mean by “adjusted formula?” In this blog post, we are answering ALL of your burning questions about the new fresh dye inks to help you decide whether they are worth adding to your ink collection. HINT: Yes, they are. *wink wink*

Fresh Dye Inks Q&A

Jen and Tasnim recently held a Q&A over on our Instagram page! You can watch the replay of the Live Q&A here.

  • Are the new inks meant to be a replacement for or sold alongside the Crisp Dye Ink?

The new inks will replace the old oval inks. The old reinkers will still be available.

  • Can we still buy the oval inks? Do we need to quickly buy re-inkers for the old ones?

You can buy the oval inks while stocks last. The re-inkers will be available for purchase later as well.

  • Why round? What is the advantage?

It is something fresh that hasn’t been done before with inks. It looks cool and it feels good in the palm of your hands. We just love it!

  • Is the pad area larger or smaller?

It is slightly smaller than the oval ones.

  • Is this the same formula as other dye inks? Or are there any changes?

It is a different formula from our existing Crisp Dye Inks. These are manufactured with a different type of dye.

  • Do they dry fast?

Yes, they dry almost instantly, similar to our existing inks.

  • Do they stamp more evenly?

Definitely! Just like our existing inks, these also stamp evenly.

  • How do you store it?

Stack them on your countertop or craft desk. That's another unique thing about these new round inks – they are stackable, making them a total space saver! You can also lay them sideways in a container or upright on ink storage shelves.

  • Are you going to make the same existing shades of the oval inks in the Fresh Dye Ink version?

Yes, that's the plan. We will replace the existing colors and we are truly excited to add more shades and color families with the new formula. 

  • When are you going to release the other ink colors?

Soon! Make sure you follow us on social media and are subscribed to our newsletter so get the latest updates about the new ink colors.

  • Can I use the Fresh Dye Ink to stamp and heat emboss?

Unfortunately, these are fast-drying inks and cannot be used for heat-embossing techniques. 

  • Can I use them for watercoloring?

Yes, you can! 

  • Are they the same colors as the previous inks?

The recently released colors are NEW colors. 

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In case you haven't seen our brand new round ink pads, feel free to check them out HERE or find more details and project inspiration in our release blog hop.

Do you have more questions about these inks that were not answered above? Feel free to comment down below! Thanks for stopping by.

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Denise K December 17, 2022 - 1:42 AM

I am very disappointed. Trying to research WHY the formula was changed and can’t find any good reason. I can only assume it was a financial decision…a round ink pad is not innovative enough to buy all new ink! I was already disappointed that some of the (many) mini ink pads I purchased were not at all “juicy” when new but resigned myself to buying refills over time. Now refills are scarce. Guess I will just use them until they are done, pitch them, and replace with new ink pads….but they won’t be Altenew. Your ink color selection and concept of 4 inks in each family was brilliant and widely lauded. I bought in and invested, but no more.

Altenew December 20, 2022 - 2:12 PM

We are not planning on retiring the reinker for oval inks. Our plan is to continue to carry reinkers for our existing oval inks so that our customers will be able to continue using the inks they have already purchased. We are giving more options and plan to continue bringing out new ink sets that coordinate to help crafters easily create stamped projects.

Kathryn Stankiewicz June 12, 2023 - 8:47 AM

I was going to buy the entire oval collection but, after reading this . I don’t think I will. I don’t want to invest all of my money for something I can’t reuse. I may go with Simon Says Stamp


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