Craft Your Life Project Kit Encore: The Return of Fan-Favorite Cardmaking Kits!

by Irick Arbuso

Are you ready for the Craft Your Life Project Kit Encore? This exciting limited-time promotion features 8 exclusive cardmaking kits that were previously only available to Project Kit subscribers. Due to popular demand, these fan-favorite project kits are finally being released to the public. *cue confetti*

Plus, we also have a freebie waiting for you, so keep on reading!

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What Are Altenew Craft Your Life Project Kits?

If you're not familiar with our Craft Your Life Project Kits, let’s do a quick refresher. These kits are curated collections of high-quality cardmaking supplies that are designed to inspire and delight. Each kit contains a stamp set, a die set, a stencil, and an embossing folder. In other words, everything you need to create stunning cards, except for paper and ink. It's like having a personal cardmaking assistant right at your fingertips!

The Return of Fan-Favorite Cardmaking Kits

Now, let's talk about this special, limited-time promotion: The Craft Your Life Project Kit Encore! This collection features 8 amazing kits that were previously exclusive to our monthly plan subscribers. These kits are not only incredibly versatile but also popular among your fellow cardmakers. We’ve received so much praise for the innovative designs, beautiful artwork, and ease of use. So, if you're looking for a surefire way to level up your cardmaking game, these curated cardmaking kits are a must-have. 

8 exclusive cardmaking kits in our Craft Your Life Project Kit Encore

Here are the 8 exclusive cardmaking kits in our Craft Your Life Project Kit Encore!

What Your Fellow Crafters Are Saying:

“Only one month in… I cannot get enough of my first project kit. I have done nothing but play with it any spare moment I have!” – Sara


12 12 2023 PK re release campagin Promo Banners Blog Post Tapcart FREE GIFT

Get a  FREE Dreaming in Dreaming in Watercolor Pocket Zipper Pouch ($21 value) on orders over $119 from the Craft Your Life Project Kit Collection from 12/12/2023-12/17/2023.

What's Included in These Cardmaking Kits?

So, what's included in each kit? First up, we have the 6” x 8” stamp set. This is where the magic happens. Each stamp set is filled with gorgeous and versatile images and sentiments that will bring your handmade cards to life. Whether you're into florals, foliage, landscape, or cute critters, there's a stamp set for you.

Next, we have the die set. These dies are designed to perfectly coordinate with the stamp set, making it easy to create professional-looking cards. 

Each kit also includes either a simple coloring stencil and a 6” x 6” 3D embossing folder. These are perfect for adding texture and dimension to your handmade projects. Use the stencil to add colors to the stamped images easily, and use the 3D embossing folder for extra dimension and interest.

What Your Fellow Crafters Are Saying:

“A perfect package! I love that everything works with everything else in this kit! All you need to do is pick some pretty colors!” – Linda B.

How to Use These Cardmaking Kits

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced card maker, these kits are designed to be user-friendly and versatile. The stamp sets are easy to use and provide endless opportunities for creativity. The dies are precise and easy to align, ensuring that your cards look polished and professional. And the stencils and embossing folders add that extra wow factor that will make your cards stand out.

Find out how Therese gets inspired by our monthly cardmaking kits in the video tutorial below. 

While you’re at it, why not SUBSCRIBE to our Craft Your Life Project Kit Monthly Subscription Plan

Why subscribe?

  1. You are guaranteed to get the cardmaking kit every month! We pride ourselves on the most intricate and detailed layering stamps and our Craft Your Life Project Kit is one of our ways to uphold this reputation. Most of the time the sets that we release every 17th of the month easily become a hit so it sells out right away. With the subscription, you don’t have to race with the other customers to go to our website just to place an order. You can just sit and relax and wait for your Craft Your Life Project Kit to be delivered right to your doorstep!
  2. Get the set at a lower price! The regular price for a Craft Your Life Project Kit is $59.99. But if you get the subscription you can get the set for as low as $49.99.
  3. No lock-up period! You can cancel your subscription at any time! There is no lock-up period as to when you can cancel it. You will have full access to tools that will help you modify your subscription plan to fit your budget.
  4. MORE reasons to subscribe to the Project Kit Monthly Plan.

Subscribe NOW!

With these 8 exclusive cardmaking kits filled with high-quality craft supplies, our Craft Your Life Project Kit Encore is not to be missed. Grab a kit or two now before it's gone!

Remember, these kits are only available to the public for a limited time, so get yours today and get ready to craft your heart out!

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