A Few Ways with Ink Sprays

by Lydia Evans

Hello everyone!

Today, I thought it would be nice to share a few different techniques and ideas using our collection of Ink Sprays. Before I get into the different techniques I thought it would be a good idea to share a video containing the basics.

You can watch the video below or on our YouTube Channel:

As mentioned in the video, our ink sprays each contain 2 fl oz of product, are acid-free and archival. The video also shows how well the ink sprays work with our stencils.

Our Ink Sprays are coordinate with our Crisp Dye Inks and Embossing Powders. The colors include Ruby Red, Coral Berry, Frosty Pink, Caramel Toffee, Warm Sunshine, Forest Glades, Frayed Leaf, Dusk, Ocean Waves, Sea Glass, Lavender Fields, Soft Lilac, Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Iridescent, Jet Black, and Pure White. Apart from Jet Black and Pure White, which are a matte spray, the others have mica in them which means they will have a subtle sparkle to them when dry.

In this next video, I will show the different colors and various different techniques you can do with our Ink Sprays, watch it below or on YouTube:

When mixing colors for backgrounds, it's helpful to understand where colors come on the color wheel. Colors next to each other will work well together, whereas colors adjacent to each other will create muddy colors. An easy way to know what colors will work together is to split the colors into warm, cool, and neutral shades. The neutral shades being Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Iridescent, Jet Black, and Pure White; the warm shades being colors from the red, pink, orange, and yellow color families, the cool shades being from the green and blue color families. The purple can be interchanged between the warm and cool so long as they are not used with Caramel Toffee, Warm Sunshine, Frayed Leaf and Forest Glades.


As Background Mists: you can create different effects by using different colors together and also the position at which you spray onto your project.

Altenew Crown Bloom Reiko Tsuchida3Reiko used a mix of colors to create this beautiful background. You can see more information on this layout HERE.

With Stencils: place the stencil over project and mist with ink spray. Again, you can create different effects by using different colors together and also the position at which you spray onto your project.

DSC 0850 smallJen created this beautiful monochrome card using the Ink Spray through a stencil. For more ideas using Ink Sprays and Stencils together, please check THIS POST.

Smooshing: add some spray onto a wipe-able work surface, add a little water, and place a piece of cardstock over the colored ink. You can create lots of beautiful backgrounds using this technique and the best thing about it no two backgrounds will be the same.

Altenew Parrot Paradise. Colorful card with ink smooshing background. By @craftwalksSvitlana created this colorful background using smooshing with Ink Sprays. For more details, please check out THIS POST.

Splattering: add an artistic look to your project by adding a little splatter. To do this, unscrew the spray nozzle and tap ink onto project from the straw.

DSC00530I have a card and project using the Ink Sprays as splatter, you can see it HERE.

As Watercolors: add ink spray into small bowls and use with a paintbrush. You can use the ink spray as you would any watercolor medium. Lighten the color by adding water or even mix colors together to create different tones.

Altenew Remember This Stamp Set watercoloured using Metallic Shimmer Sprays by Erum Tasneem - @pr0digy0Erum has a beautiful card using this watercolor technique HERE.

To color embossing paste: add a little white embossing paste onto a wipe-able work surface, add a little ink spray and mix together before using on your project.

Altenew Kaleidoscope stencils and embossing paste colored with Sprays. Cards by @craftwalksSvitlana changed the color of embossing paste using Ink Sprays. You can find all the details HERE.

To stamp with: create your own stamp pad. To do this, use a piece of kitchen roll or dry baby wipe, fold and add Ink Spray to it. You can create your own custom colors using this technique or even make ombre ink pads.

Lydia Evans Altenew Happy Dreams 2

That is about it for today!

I hope this post has been helpful and has inspired you to get your Ink Sprays out and use them in different ways! We would love to know if this post has sparked your creativity so please let us know in the comments section.

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Kirsty Vittetoe June 21, 2018 - 12:43 PM

Such great inspiration.

Teresa Doyle June 21, 2018 - 1:28 PM

These are all such beautiful projects using these sprays. It has definitely sparked my creativity however, I don’t have the sprays to execute all of that creative mojo :(

Karthikha Uday June 27, 2018 - 6:40 AM

Thank you for these lovely inspirations :)

Mary Ann June 27, 2018 - 10:37 AM

Welcome Rubeena, your designs are beautiful!


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