3 Interesting Surfaces Pigment Ink Effortlessly Works On | Perfect Pairings with Jaycee + Video

by Jaycee Gaspar
Glacier Caves Pigment Ink Project

Did you know you can use pigment ink to stamp on surfaces besides paper? Mixed media inks are excellent for other non-porous surfaces, including paper. I love using Altenew Pigment Inks to adorn my crafting studio and other areas of my home. This way, I could truly ‘Craft Your Life' with Altenew!

Find out all you need to know about Altenew's Mixed Media Inks.

Embossed Rustic Terracotta Cachepot with Pigment Ink Details

03132022 PK Dynamic Blossoms2

I have a collection of plants and plant propagations in my home. I am constantly trying to find out a way to make the pot look just as interesting as the plant it houses. While I reserve my stone-fired terracotta pots for repotted plants, I leave my baby plants in their nursery pots until it's time to grow.

I used air-dry clay to make my decorative nursery pot cover. With an embossing folder to ‘stamp' onto the surface of the wet clay, I was able to get an interesting pattern. I made the embossed pattern stand out with a little help from some mixed media ink.

Floral Stamped Pigment Ink Decorative Charcuterie Board

03132022 PK Dynamic Blossoms Glacier Caves Pigment Ink

Wood veneer was the first surface I tried to use Altenew Pigment Ink when it was first released. I was shocked at how well the mixed media ink preserved detail on the porous wood surface. Other inks will surely feather on top of wood. I used the Craft Your Life Project Kit: Dynamic Blossoms to stamp onto this charcuterie board.

Decorative Throw Pillow with Pigment Ink Details

03132022 Leaf Clusters Dreamy Bouquet

Altenew recently released a fat quarter fabric collection called Dreamy Bouquet. I used scraps I had from my own projects to make another throw pillow. In order to make a full 18″ x 18″ envelope pillow cover, I used pigment ink to stamp onto an upcycled piece of fabric. Then I ironed on a ‘plantae' kingdom banner to give my pillow a little more personality.


Materials and Supplies:

altenew tools crafter s essential stamping mat
Crafter’s Essential Stamping Mat
[ ALTN ]
81a7a535 3107 44c2 a3e9 1672ea7eab50
Craft Your Life Project Kit: Dynamic…
[ ALTN ]
altenew tools fine mister perfect craftroom companion
Fine Mister – Perfect Craftroom…
[ ALTN ]
altenew tools crafter s essential bone folder
Crafter's Essential Bone Folder –…
[ ALTN ]
81e29f16 ef78 4c85 b95e e10e903fb2d1
Mixed Media Palette Knife Set
[ ALTN ]
ALT3828 20 20Jet 20Black 20Mixed 20Media 20Ink 77b101dd 4b26 4b26 bef6
Jet Black Mixed Media Ink
[ ALTN ]
altenew inks enchanted gold pigment ink
Enchanted Gold Pigment Ink
[ ALTN ]
altenew inks glacier caves pigment ink bundle
Glacier Caves Pigment Ink Bundle
[ ALTN ]
2153da8f 6ace 4501 b300 f89569f70423
Dreamy Bouquet Fabric Fat Quarter…
[ ALTN ]
altenew clear stamps leaf clusters stamp set
Leaf Clusters Stamp Set
[ ALTN ]
altenew ink bundle green fields mixed media ink bundle
Green Fields Mixed Media Ink Bundle
[ ALTN ]

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Liz O. March 13, 2022 - 2:44 PM

Your charcuterie board turned out fantastic! Did you use a sealer or varnish on it afterwards? I have to try this technique soon. I too love the look of embossed air-dry clay, it is one of my favorite mediums to emboss; it takes a bit of patience but is well worth the wait. Once more did you use a sealer? I am curious because I have tried sealing it with a “brush on” decoupage glue and since I used watercolors to color my images, the sealer reactivated the pigments and they moved a bit, now I have to try it with pigment inks and heat fix the color to see how it holds. 😬 as always, Thanks for the inspiration Jaycee!

Jaycee Gaspar March 13, 2022 - 9:42 PM

Hey Liz, thank you so much for watching! I did not seal the charcuterie board after making my project because I intended it to be a decorative wall item.

First and foremost, if you do seal your project after trying this out, please use a food-safe sealant. There are shellac, oil, wax, and polyurethane sealants…none of which I have tried on top of Altenew’s Mixed Media Inks. I am curious to see your results if you try this out!

Maureen R March 13, 2022 - 3:55 PM

Gorgeous DIY’s!!!! Love the cutting board!!!

Nenette Madero March 13, 2022 - 10:50 PM

These are gorgeous projects, Jaycee!❤️

athena may March 16, 2022 - 7:55 AM

Love your projects and how you stretch the applications of ink! Just a question — because I have the original 8 pigment inks which was marketed before as multimedia inks but which I found to be similar to chalk inks — how are your original pigment inks doing? Mine are dry yet not dry … they are dry in that I have to stamp more than once just like my Versamagic chalk inks but when I clean the stamp there’s lots of inks. It’s a pity there are no reinkers for these because I like the colors but stamping more than once on a shirt is quite difficult because of the stretchy nature of the fabric.

JGaultier March 16, 2022 - 11:27 AM

Hi Athena, I understand what you mean. Some of my MM inks from the Red Cosmos and Green Fields are juicier than others. In the video you saw me directly going from pad to fabric on an acrylic block. However in the wood bard, I had the stamp positioning tool set up to repeat stamping for the Glacier Caves. The only pad I have had to replace was Jet Black–but I don’t know if it was because silly me left it ajar when I stored it away. I too, am hoping for reinkers for the MM inks.


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