3 Quick and Easy Card Designs with Adhesives

by Irick Arbuso

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to add some flair to your cards? Adhesives are the perfect solution! With just a few simple supplies, you can create beautiful, unique designs that are sure to impress. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner, adhesives are essential tools in your crafting arsenal. 

Quick and Easy Card Designs with Adhesives 3

In this blog post, we'll show you some of our favorite card designs that use adhesives to add an extra touch of creativity and personality. So grab your favorite glue, and let's start making quick and easy cards – perfect for when you're on the go!

How to Craft Beautiful Cards in Minutes with Adhesives

Crafting an eye-catching card design doesn't have to be complicated and time-consuming. Adhesives are the key to crafting cute, creative cards that make a statement in just a few easy steps. All you need is adhesive, some cardstock, a few embellishments, and some imagination to create beautiful cards that will make all your recipients smile! Whether it's sticking glitter, sequins, or die-cuts, let your creativity run wild as you assemble your card and put your own personal touch on it. No matter what level of expertise you have when it comes to crafting with adhesives, everyone can create fabulous cards.

You know what they say – give a crafter the right glue, double-sided adhesive, and foam tape, and they can conquer the world!

An Embossed Card with Alphabet and Floral Die-Cuts

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Making an embossed card with alphabet and floral die-cuts is a simple and elegant way to add texture and depth to your cards. You just need some colored cardstock, a die-cutting machine, mini floral dies, large alphabet dies, your favorite adhesives, and an embossing folder. 

  1. First, choose your embossing folder design and cardstock. Place the cardstock inside the embossing folder and run it through your die cutting machine according to the manufacturer's instructions. This will create a raised, textured design on your cardstock. 
  2. Next, think of a word you'd like to spell out on your card front. It can be related to the theme or event of your card, such as “Merry,” “hello,” or even your recipient's name. Use your die-cutting machine to cut out the alphabet dies on some colored cardstock.
  3. Adhere the alphabet dies to your embossed card front. 
  4. Next, use your die-cutting machine to cut out some mini floral shapes from a contrasting color of cardstock. You can use a variety of die-cut shapes and sizes to create a bouquet or garden scene. Arrange the floral die-cuts on a single letter, or spread it along all the letters of your alphabet dies and use a strong adhesive, like craft glue or double-sided tape, to attach them in place. 
  5. Finish off the card by adhering other embellishments, such as sequins, if desired. This simple technique adds interest and dimension to your card, making it a stand-out creation.

A Floral Card Featuring Layered Die-Cuts

Sending a quick and easy card should not mean sacrificing style! This beautiful floral card consists of multiple layers of die-cut flowers and leaves, making the card one-of-a-kind. Each layer of the floral die was cut with gradient-colored cardstock, giving the finished product a look that ranges from subtle to bold. To replicate this card, simply follow these steps: 

  • Attach some washi tape to the corner of your card panel. Then, make an X using a stapler.
  • Make a flower using your chosen layering die set. When cutting the petals, use one color in different shades to add depth. 
  • Assemble and adhere the flower with Instant Dimension Foam Tape near the washi tape area. 
  • Next, stamp your favorite sentiment and position it underneath the layered flower. 
  • Finally, adhere your card panel onto a card base using foam tape again. 

OPTIONAL: You can add other embellishments as accents, such as enamel dots or clear jewels, to fill up the negative spaces.

You can also use another die-cut as your background, like a frame or cover die, instead of washi tape. 

Quick and Easy Card Designs with Adhesives 6 1

Another variation of this design features a monochromatic background using stamps. Simply stamp some florals and a sentiment in black ink. Then, build a layer by stacking leaf die-cuts on top of each other with craft glue. For the finishing touch, adhere the main floral die-cut in the middle with foam tape. 

Quick and Easy Card Designs with Adhesives 4

PRO TIP: To take it one step further, stick the initial of your recipient on top of the flower. You can make the letter with stickers, die-cuts, or even embossing ink.  

Perfect for any special occasion, playing with multiple floral and foliage layers makes your card stand out! Whatever you choose, you can easily play with adding different layers and colors that bring an extra level of interest to your card with adhesives. 

A Clean and Simple Card Using Ephemera and Die-Cuts

With just a few pieces of ephemera and die-cuts, you can easily create a clean and simple card that your recipient will love. 

Quick and Easy Card Designs with Adhesives 5

Start by picking out some small die-cuts or decorative elements to dress up the card. Then, choose your pieces of ephemera and place them on the card front in the center to act as the main focus of your design. Next, arrange the smaller die-cuts around it. You can unify your card elements as long as your die-cuts and ephemera have designs or colors that complement each other. 

Finish everything off with a simple sentiment or stamped greeting in one corner of the card to make it even more special. In no time at all, you'll have the perfect quick, and easy card made using some gorgeous ephemera and die-cuts!

Just Cut, Design, and Stick with These Easy Card Ideas!

Making cards doesn’t have to be a huge production. Sometimes, the quickest and easiest card is the best kind of card. With these simple stick-it design tips, you can make stunning cards in no time at all! So next time you need a last-minute birthday card or a “Thinking of You” card for a friend, don’t stress – just grab some adhesives and get creative! Thanks for stopping by today, and we hope you use these tips to make easy cards that are sure to impress!

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