3 Modern Botanical Blind Letterpress Techniques for Contemporary Handmade Cards | Perfect Pairings with Jaycee

by Jaycee Gaspar
Blind Letterpress Cards

Hi there Altenew friends, it's Jaycee. Blind letterpress is a traditional printing technique that creates a tactile debossed effect without the use of ink or any color. This process is all about the paper and the design, with no distraction from colors.

Blind letterpress is a timeless printing technique that is often used for high-end stationary, such as wedding invitations, business cards, and letterheads. The result is a stunning product with a subtle and elegant finish. Blind letterpress printing involves pressing the paper onto a flat or raised surface containing the design, which creates an impression or deboss on the paper. There is no ink involved in this method, hence the name “blind.” This technique intensifies any typography, artwork, or design elements present on the card.

Classic Blind Letterpress

11122023 Classical Sentiments Wild Daisies

To begin, we'll need the BetterPress system and the Classical Sentiments Press Plates Set, which coordinates perfectly with other items in the November 2023 release. We'll also use Altenew Glue Tape, cotton cardstock in Porcelain, and BetterPress ink in Black. First, we'll temporary adhere the cotton card panel to the platen using the Altenew Glue Tape. Then, we'll add the Classical Sentiments Press Plate and apply black ink to it. Once the card design is complete, we'll use the Wild Daisies Press Plate to add stunning large blooms to the card.

Inverted Slate Palette

11122023 Classical Sentiments Hummingbird Nectar Jet Black Ink Spray

Next, we'll use the same blind letterpress technique on a Slate-colored Jet Black card panel for our Hummingbird Nectar Press Plate card. We'll use trace lines as registration marks to avoid clusters of images running into each other on the card. This card is offset by the bronze sentiment featuring the Classical Sentiments Press Plate.

Sensory and Modern

11122023 Classical Sentiments Billowing Flower Puffy Heart Ink Spray

Finally, we'll use Puffy Heart Iridescent Ink Spray to create a beautiful background for our last card, the Billowing Flower Press Plate card. We'll use the same blind letterpress technique to add five Billowing Flower images to the card. To match the metallic sheen of the cardstock, we'll use silver foil to press the Classical Sentiments banner to the center of the card.

These cards are simple yet stunning and will surely impress anyone who receives them. Blind Letterpress is a fantastic technique to elevate any card design and add a unique touch to your work. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on Blind Letterpress cards featuring Altenew's Classical Sentiments Press Plates.

Don't forget to check out the crafting materials and other inspiration below. Happy crafting!

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Janet Evans Buonocore November 13, 2023 - 1:49 PM

As always love your ideas & videos Jaycee. Great ideas & cards!

Keesha Soldevilla November 14, 2023 - 10:51 PM

Thank you so much for the love and support! 🌟 I’m delighted you enjoy the ideas and cards.


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