Creativity Unlocked feat. Enchanted Winter Hot Foil Roll Bundle | 3 Incredible Ways to Hot Foil Thin Steel Dies

by Jaycee Gaspar

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Hi Altenew friends, it's Jaycee! Today, I'm sharing some project ideas with the Enchanted Winter Hot Foil Rolls!

Welcome to Creativity Unlocked, where we highlight a new product from this month’s new collection! Discover each product's endless creative possibilities and get inspired to create the paper crafting ideas we share here. Keep on reading for exclusive tips from our designers, handy tips and tricks, and stunning project inspiration from talented crafters.

Hot Foil Sulfur Cosmos Card

Did you know you can use your thin steel cutting dies to apply craft foil? Some dies are better for this technique than others. In this video tutorial, I will demystify which dies are perfect for foiling techniques.

Keep on reading for more tips and project ideas using these hot foil rolls!

12 11 2022 Creativity Unlocked Project Collage Enchanted Winter Hot Foil Roll Release Bundle

Enchanted Winter Hot Foil Roll Release Bundle

Add some glitz and shine to your paper crafting projects with our gorgeous heat-activated foils. The metallic foils pair perfectly with Altenew Hot Foil Plates or other plates you may have in your stash.

This bundle includes:

12112022 BAG Pristine Peonies Waterbrush Hello Enchanted Gold Foil1

1. Hot Foil Sentiment Stacking

Everyone knows you can use your hot foils to make outline sentiments. However, we can take the sentiment one step further by stacking the sentiments for this typographic card. I loved combining classical elements, such as the ink blended gradient and outline floral stamp, with the contemporary sentiment cascade.

I intentionally picked the Waterbrush Hello Die because of the wavy outline. This is more forgiving than a sentiment with fewer angles that would show more alignment mistakes.

12112022 Layered Snowflakes Layered Snowflakes 2 Enchanted Gold Foil1

2. Hot Foil Acetate Sleeve

I used a specialty heat-resistant acetate for this technique. If you do not have this crafting material, you can hot foil directly onto the sentiment background. The effect of this is subtle up front, but it is a nice interactive element when the card recipient disassembles the card revealing a professional hot foil card sleeve.

12112022 CAF Sulfur Cosmos Rose Gold Foil1

3. Hot Foil Floral Veins

This technique is by far my favorite hot foiling technique for steel dies. There are limitations to this technique; you need steel dies that contain debossing shapes. The veining on this Craft-A-Flower: Sulfur Cosmos is perfect for this since we can capture them on the petals.

I hope you try out these 3 techniques in adding foil to your cards with dies you may already have in your Altenew stash. Thank you so much for watching my Perfect Pairings with Jaycee episode on the Altenew YouTube Channel!

1 Product, Multiple Ways!

Before you go, here are a few card ideas featuring these hot foil rolls!

Altenew Rainbow Burst Enchaged Gold Hot Foil Roll Sweet Sentiments Dies Caly Person

In case you didn't know, hot foil rolls are perfect for adding that extra shine to any design!


Using a hot foil plate background with your fave foil could turn a CAS card into something more elegant!


Create sentiments that would definitely pop off the page with your fave foil and hot foil plate sentiments!

Altenew Flower Brushed Gold Hot Foil Layered Ornate Frame Die C Jenny Colacicco

The pink and gold combo is always a good idea! 


Our hot foil rolls are perfect for a wide range of hot foil plates in the market.

Materials and Supplies:

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