How to Achieve 2 Completely Different Looks with 1 Stamp Set (2 Handmade Cards, 1 Set!)

by Hannelie Bester

Hello Altenew friends, Hannelie here today to show you how to make two handmade cards, using the new Build-A Garden: Sulfur Cosmos and achieve two completely different looks!

2 Handmade Cards, 1 Stamp Set!

This kit consists of a 6″ x 8″ stamp set, a 6″x 6″ simple coloring and layering stencil set(4 in 1) and a mini blending tool. The stamp set features a pair of lovely sulfur cosmos flowers and 19 versatile sentiments. The flowers fill up a regular A2 card beautifully, and looks amazing on a slimline card too! There is also a coordinating add on die-set (not part of the kit) available.

A lovely surprise to me was the 4th stencil, which is a pretty patterned stencil and of course it pairs beautifully with the floral image from the stamp set!

2 Handmade Cards, 1 Stamp Set!

Let's start with the first handmade card which demonstrates how easily a larger image can be used to create a single, bold focal point.

07112024 BAG Sulphur Cosmos 11
  • Use a circle die to cut a mask to restrict the stenciling to a specific part of your card. **TIP** I used a piece of thin plastic (the kind typically used for file dividers) to cut my mask. It is easy to clean, you can reuse it multiple times, and since it is so thin, it provides a nice, crisp outline when used to crop a stamped or stenciled image … and it costs next to nothing!
  • Secure your card front onto a sticky mat and secure the mask mentioned in step 1 on top of the card front. Apply a thin layer of your chosen ink with a mini blending tool. This is basically just to create an outline. I used Citrus burst from the Pocketful of Sunshine mini ink cubes.
  • With the mask still in place, use the 4th stencil from the set, to add a pattern to the masked area. I used a bit of Honey Drizzle ink in the middle of the circle, and Maple yellow towards the outer part of the circle.
07112024 BAG Sulphur Cosmos 12
  • Remove the stencil, but keep the mask in place. ** TIP** For a variation, you can remove the mask before you stamp the image.
07112024 BAG Sulphur Cosmos 13
  • If you started off using the Stampwheel to do the stenciling, you are ready to stamp the outline image, otherwise, like me, you can now move the card with mask in place to the stampwheel, and stamp the image using Obsidian Black Ink.
  • Remove the mask. This was my favorite moment during the process of making the handmade cards – a little ‘AHA!' moment!
  • Stamp the sentiment. I stamped the smaller part of the sentiment directly onto the card front and stamped the larger sentiment on a separate piece of card stock and used the coordinating die to cut it out.
  • Adhere the larger part of the sentiment to the card front using Instant Dimension Foam Tape, making sure it aligns perfectly with the previously stamped sentiment. I love how the sentiment ties the design together so beautifully!
  • Adhere the card front to the folded card base.
  • Finish off the card with enamel dots. I used black dots from the Colorful Wonders enamel dots set.
07112024 BAG Sulphur Cosmos 3

By focusing on a single, beautifully detailed focal point and pairing it with minimal embellishments, you can achieve a sophisticated and elegant look with minimal effort .

Time to create the second handmade card with a bold, layered look!

2 Handmade Cards, 1 Stamp Set!
  • Secure a piece of cardstock on the sticky mat of the Stampwheel.
  • Stamp the image using Obsidian Black Ink.
  • Color the image with the coordinating stencils. I used yellows from the Pocketful of Sunshine mini ink cubes. and greens from the Tropical Forest mini cube set. The stencils made it really easy to achieve vibrant and consistant coloring by focusing on the lighter and darker areas of the floral image.
  • Cut the image out using the coordinating die.
  • Add color to about a third of the card base using the 4th stencil. I used Jet Black Ink and a mini blending tool, masking off the area with a piece of scrap paper to keep the area contained.
  • Determine the placement of your sentiment. Stamp part of the sentiment directly onto the card base using Obsidian Black Ink.
  • Stamp the remaining part of the sentiment on a piece of white card stock and cut it out using the coordinating die.
  • Adhere the floral image to the card base using Instant Dimension Foam Tape.
  • Adhere the stamped and die-cut sentiment to the card base, ensuring it aligns well with the previously stamped part.
  • Trim any overhanging parts of the flower for a clean edge. **TIP** Alternatively , leave selected parts of the image overhanging for added visual interest and a dynamic look.
  • Finish off the handmade card by adding enamel dots from The Pocketful of Sunshine enamel dot set.
07112024 BAG Sulphur Cosmos 5

By stenciling only a portion of the background, it leaves enough white space to maintain a balanced design. The result is a card that is both intricate and clean, perfect for any occasion determined by the sentiment you choose!

07112024 BAG Sulphur Cosmos 10

Two completely different looks achieved very easily with just ONE stamp set!

I used my favorite colors for today's projects, because I love all things yellow, but I think any color scheme will work perfectly for these handmade cards.

Which color(s) are your favorite or go-to color scheme? Let me know in the comments below!

Wishing you a wonderful creative day. Thanks for stopping by!

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