2 Fascinating Ways to Create Perfect Fall Color Palettes | Perfect Pairings with Jaycee + Video Tutorial

by Jaycee Gaspar
10232022 CAF Epiphyllum Hibiscus Garden 3D Versatile Greetings3

Hi Altenew friends, it's Jaycee! Having all the cardstock colors at your disposal is a paper crafter's dream. For those of us who have smaller spaces or crafting stashes, I have a trick for you to get the perfect color palette.

Using complementary colors is an easy way to achieve dull tones or sometimes jewel tones. I like using them to create my own fall color palette mix. I also find this to be a care free way to get the ‘distress' look, without having to let go of the precision that I like in my card style.

Fall Color Palette Card

Color Palette Hack #1: Watercolor Mixing

There are ways to use your watercolor palettes to achieve complementary color mixing. In my video, I used the Autumn Festival Watercolor Brush Markers as my starting colors. I love the backdrop this gives for my brighter flower bouquet in the foreground.

I agree that it can be a bit unconventional to make non-green leaves in bouquets. Realistically though, my crab apple tree, rose bushes, and some of my blooming trees will make deep bronze or burgundy leaves before changing to the green chlorophyll we are so familiar with. I encourage you to try different leaf colors. You'll be surprised how natural looking they really are!

10232022 CAF Epiphyllum Hibiscus Garden 3D Versatile Greetings2

Color Palette Hack #2: Ink Blending on Cardstock

Due to the transparent nature of dye inks, like Altenew Crisp Dye Inks, we can overlay colors and practice subtractive color mixing. This creates the same effect as watercolor.

10232022 CAF Epiphyllum Hibiscus Garden 3D Versatile Greetings1

The key to perfect color mixing with inks and cardstock is light layers. This technique is made possible by the Mini Blending Brush Set for its dense fibers and smooth blending. Using color complements to make these bouquets gives a dynamic range of colors – reminiscent of the change that autumn brings.

Please give this color mixing and color theory a try on your next project. I hope you enjoy a day of creativity!

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