2 Effortless Coloring Techniques for Flower Cards | Perfect Pairings with Jaycee + Video

by Jaycee Gaspar
Coloring with Analogous Inks

Hi Altenew friends, it's Jaycee. There is a range of coloring mediums in the Altenew store for all your creative needs. I want to go back to basics and the first way I started making cards — dye stamping ink.

The source of inspiration for coloring these flowers stems from my home garden. This is the first year I have planted roses and I'm thrilled to see them preparing for a second blooming cycle. Watch the video below to see which roses I used as coloring inspiration for my two cards.

Coloring Roses with Color Theory – Floribunda Roses

06262022 Ethereal Roses Vintage Roses1

For my first card example, I am using two ink families: Red Cosmos and Warm & Cozy. I was able to mix up color families and values to create two blooms that coordinate with each other.

I love using two color families to create two distinct blooms because then I can create flower pairs without a harsh contrast between the two. In addition to the aforementioned ink families, I also used Tropical Forest, Green Fields, and Sea Shore to create the supporting foliage. This overall colorful card reflects the mood and coloring of the inspiration roses found in the video tutorial.

Coloring Roses with Color Theory – Summer Sherbet

06262022 Ethereal Roses PK Vintage Tapestry Summer Sherbet1

I know everyone's coloring stash and crafting budgets are different. If you're starting out and want to get value from your stamping inks, I recommend trying ink sets. The ink set I used in the card pictured above is the Summer Sherbet Crisp Mini Ink Cube Set.

The reason I picked this set of colors, is because the color range is analogous. On the tri-chromatic color wheel, the inks range from green to yellow, to red, to orange.

I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial on color theory. Thanks for stopping by!

Materials and Supplies:

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Woodless Coloring Pencils
[ ALTN ]
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Ethereal Roses Stamp & Die Bundle
[ ALTN ]
hwarang rubber tools stamp conditioning eraser set
Stamp Conditioning Eraser
[ ALTN ]
altenew inks red cosmos crisp dye ink mini cube set
Red Cosmos Mini Cube Set
[ ALTN ]
Mini Cube Set Warm and Cozy 610348a8 0950 423c 99df
Warm & Cozy Mini Cube Set
[ ALTN ]
altenew stamp die bundle vintage roses stamp die bundle
Vintage Roses Stamp & Die Bundle
[ ALTN ]
altenew inks tropical forest mini cube set
Tropical Forest Crisp Dye Ink Mini…
[ ALTN ]
altenew inks green fields mini cube set
Green Fields Mini Cube Set
[ ALTN ]
stewart superior inks sea shore crisp dye ink mini cube set
Sea Shore Mini Cube Set
[ ALTN ]
altenew inks permanent black crisp dye ink
Permanent Black Crisp Ink
[ ALTN ]
stewart superior inks summer sherbet 6 crisp dye ink mini cube set
Summer Sherbet 6 Crisp Dye Ink Mini…
[ ALTN ]
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Craft Your Life Project Kit: Vintage…
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Karen H June 27, 2022 - 11:18 AM

Thank you for the coloring instructions. Very helpful when deciding how to use my color sets. Two beautiful cards.


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