TWO Amazing Card Ideas feat. Elegant Tulips | Creative Coloring With Erum

by Erum Tasneem

Hello, everyone! Erum here with TWO cards featuring the Build-a-Garden: Elegant Tulips and a VIDEO for the Creative Coloring with Erum video series.

These cards are different from each other, so if you are not into one, the other will appeal to you.

@altenew_ 2 Amazing Card Ideas feat. Build-A-Garden: Elegant Tulips!

Elegant Tulips Watercolor Card with Stencil Impression

For my first card, I prepped an A2 Watercolor Cardstock with anti-static powder.

Next, I stamped the image from the  Build-a-Garden: Elegant Tulips set twice with Embossing Ink, covered it with Pure White Embossing Powder, and heat set it.  This way, I ended up with two sets of images.

PRO TIP: For the second image, you can choose to stamp the image partially, as we'll only need the flowers. 

@altenew_ 2 Amazing Card Ideas feat. Build-A-Garden: Elegant Tulips!

I used the Altenew Watercolor Tubes for watercoloring. I chose Quinacrodrone Magenta, Permanent Yellow Deep, Phthalo Green, and Dark Cyan

I mixed a bit of yellow with pink to color the flower to get a slightly warmer color. I applied the pigment to the base of the petals. Using a second brush with just water in it,  I added that from the petal tips towards where the pigment is.

For this card, I didn't overwork the colors mixing and let the water and pigment mix on their own.

Next, I applied water on the outer petals that have their undersides or backsides exposed, as I wanted these to be lighter than the inner petals.  After this, I added pigment with slightly more yellow to it.

Adding More Warmth

I colored the smaller flower in the same manner and jumped between both flowers to add more pigment to the petals.

Note: This depends on how dark or light you want your final result to be.

To add a bit more warmth to the flower petals, I dropped in some diluted yellow pigment.

You do not have to add this to all the petals; just add it where you want to and set it aside to dry. These are the flowers that I fussy cut later in the process.

Tip: You can also die-cut them if fussy cutting is not your thing. Then, snip them off the die-cut.

@altenew_ 2 Amazing Card Ideas feat. Build-A-Garden: Elegant Tulips!

Coloring the Second Flower and the Leaves

I roughly colored the flowers in the second image.

Note: Those will eventually be covered by the fussy cut flowers, but you will still be able to see a bit of color underneath. These do not need to be beautifully colored; you just need to color the area so it is not blank.

Next, I applied water to the leaves and dropped green pigment mixed with a bit of yellow. I spread this pigment with the paintbrush to cover all the leaves.

Then, I picked up the green pigment as is and dropped it to the base of the leaves. Remember that the leaves were still wet at this time; the water helped disperse the pigment.

I also mixed a very small amount of red with the green pigment to add to the center of the leafy portion where the leaves converge to show depth and color variation. 

Giving the Vase a Clay Pot Look

For the vase, I went with a clay pot look. For this, I combined the already-mixed pink and yellow pigment with the green pigment to create various concentrations of brown.

This pot's painted look is organic, with textures showing through, so the coloring included stippling and patchy strokes just to give it a very handmade, textured look. 

Once done, I went and added more pink and yellow pigment to the flowers I had to fussy cut. Note: You can add this as stipping to show texture.

After this, I let it air dry and then used the Fine Blade Scissors to fussy cut them. On the other hand, I used the coordinating die to cut the second image.

I adhered the fussy-cut flowers over the first image with Instant Dimension Foam Tape and set this aside. 

@altenew_ 2 Amazing Card Ideas feat. Build-A-Garden: Elegant Tulips!

Finalizing the Card

I took another panel of A2 Watercolor Cardstock and applied water to it. I left the top and bottom right corners untouched.

Next, I applied Dark Cyan diluted pigment to this area, making sure it was more concentrated on the left side and less on the right side.

While the background was still wet, I placed the trellis stencil from the coloring stencil set over it and added some more pigment. I put something heavy over it and left it to dry on its own for half an hour or so. It will do as long as you have the stencil's imprint on the panel.

To dry the panel completely, I used a heat tool. I then added black paint splatters on the card panel using the Jet Black Ink Spray on a pan and applied the splatters with a paintbrush. 

I stamped the sentiment in Obsidian Pigment Ink and cut it using the coordinating die.

Finally, I put everything together with Instant Dimension Foam Tape and adhered the Iridescent Gem Sparkles. 

Elegant Tulips Overhanging Stenciled Card

@altenew_ 2 Amazing Card Ideas feat. Build-A-Garden: Elegant Tulips!

For the second card, I took an A2 Classic Crest Solar White Cardstock panel and stamped the image closer to the lower edge, slightly on the right-hand side.

I used two colors for the flowers: Crimson and Velvet Fresh Dye Inks.

For the inner petals, I applied Crimson to cover the entire petal, keeping the inking slightly softer on the tips. Then, I brought in Velvet Fresh Dye Ink to add to the base of the petals. This is slightly darker, so it added some dimension.

This combination showed depth and variation among the inner and outer petals. For the outer petals, I mostly added Crimson Fresh Dye Ink

The stencil placement for this project was quite easy, and it wasn't that hard to figure out. On Stencil 1 were the flowers. I just moved them around to ink the different petals of the flowers.

PRO TIP: You can also change the intensity of the inking or the pressure of your hand while applying ink when jumping from one petal to the other for variation.

For the flower center, I used Fresh Lemon Crisp Dye Ink.

@altenew_ 2 Amazing Card Ideas feat. Build-A-Garden: Elegant Tulips!

Expanding the Details

For the leaves, I applied Just Green Crisp Dye Ink all over the area through Stencil 2, making sure the coverage was not uniform. Next, I added shading with Forest Fern Fresh Dye Ink

For the vase, I used Aqualicious Fresh Dye Ink and applied that through Stencil 3C. I applied this slightly darker on the edges and lighter in the center.

I did the same for C2, which covered the base. In the end, I heavy-handedly applied ink through C3 to add design to the vase.

Next, I used a T-ruler and marked 1.25” from the right-hand side of the panel. I placed the cutting plate over the margin or up to where the line was and ran it through my die-cutting machine.

Normally, I just fussy-cut the thing, but you can also partially die-cut it if that's easier for you.

@altenew_ 2 Amazing Card Ideas feat. Build-A-Garden: Elegant Tulips!

Adding the Final Touches

Next, I cut a 1.5-inch strip of paper from the Exuberant 6×6 paper pack and adhered it to the right-hand side of the card base with Glue Tape.

Then, I cut a Sparkling Water Glitter cardstock strip from the Shimmering Shore Glitter Cardstock Set. I adhered this underneath the stamped panel so only a sliver of it showed.

I then adhered the stamped panel to the card base with Instant Dimension Foam Tape. I stamped the sentiment in Obsidian Pigment Ink and cut it using the coordinating die. Finally, I adhered it to the card front with foam tape.

You can watch the process video below or on YouTube.

Do let me know which card you like more. Thank you so much for stopping by!!!


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Tara C Prince March 25, 2024 - 3:45 PM

gorgeous cards

mfergu01 March 25, 2024 - 4:58 PM

Two gorgeous cards using my favorite flower, Erum! Thank you!

Debby Allen March 25, 2024 - 5:01 PM

So pretty! I love the partial diecuts on card #2!

spilor March 26, 2024 - 5:03 PM

These are both stunning!
Lori S in PA

Daniela March 31, 2024 - 4:11 PM



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