Preparing for Fun and Festivity: Altenew’s Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers for November

by Jeffry Quiñanola

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in November 2023

Hello, everyone! Our top 10 crafting bestsellers for November are here!

We hope you had a great November. Here at Altenew, we have a lot to be thankful for this month, and YOU, our crafty friends, are on top of that list.

Altenew’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales were a massive success, and a huge part of that is you, our dear crafty friends. Crafting goodies and must-haves went flying off our shelves this month, and we’re so looking forward to seeing the cards, scrapbook layouts, and projects you’ll be making with those supplies!

To inspire you even more, here is our list of top 10 products for November! 

Sidebar: Some of these bestsellers might have gone out of stock. But our team is constantly working hard to provide you with the best crafting products as soon as possible, so you can expect restocks veeery soon.😉

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Altenew's Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers for November

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in November 2023 - Foldable Cutting and Alignment Mat

10: Foldable Cutting & Alignment Mat (A3 Size)

Number 10 on our crafting bestsellers list is the A3-size Foldable Cutting and Alignment Mat. This innovative tool combines seamless functionality and ease of use. And, it’s self-healing, too!

The mat has a grid that displays inch measurements in a clean white color on a stylish black background, providing unmatched accuracy and perfect alignment.

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in November 2023 Classic Pinecones Slim 3D Embossing Folder

9: Classic Pinecones Slim 3D Embossing Folder

The holidays are just around the corner, so why not give your cards the cozy, festive feel with this Classic Pinecones Slim 3D Embossing Folder?

This stunning 3D embossing folder showcases pine branches and pinecones scattered throughout. It is specifically designed to fit slimline cards but it’s useful for any project to create equally impressive outcomes. Apply ink with your preferred colors or emboss your favorite cardstock to achieve a realistic texture!

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in November 2023 Wildflower Waltz Press Plate Bundle

8: Wildflower Waltz Press Plate Bundle

Here's another one of our crafting bestsellers that we've been excited about. We have been very pleased with these press plates because of the exquisite cards they create, and we’re thrilled that you love them, too!

Embrace nature’s beauty and bounty, and let foliage and the magic of wildlife take your projects in a whole new direction with the Wildflower Waltz Press Plate Bundle. This set includes the Billowing Flower Press Plates, the Hummingbird Nectar Press Plate, and the Wild Daisies Press Plate.

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in November 2023 Build-A-Garden Blushing Magnolias

7: Build-A-Garden: Blushing Magnolias & Add-on Die Bundle

We continue our frolicking through nature with this Build-A-Garden set. Add the aesthetics of blooming and blushing magnolias to your crafting projects! 

This bundle comes with the Build-A-Garden: Blushing Magnolias stamps and stencils, as well as an Add-on Die Set. Ah, magnolias! Such beautiful, dazzling flowers. 

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in November 2023 Linear Life: Poinsettias

6: Linear Life: Poinsettias

The festivities continue with another one of our crafting bestsellers: poinsettias! 

This set features simple, single-line drawings of festive poinsettias and leaves, and includes 11 stamps, stencils, and a matching die set. Color them in with your favorite watercolors, alcohol markers, or Fresh Dye Inks!

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in November 2023 Brushed Gold Metallic Cardstock

5: Brushed Gold Metallic Cardstock (10 sheets/set)

Gold is the new black! Bring the elegance and sheen of brushed gold with this Metallic Cardstock Set.

This cardstock set emulates the appearance of brushed gold often seen in jewelry and interior design. Ideal for die-cutting, embossing, and other crafting techniques, this Metallic Cardstock will greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of any paper-based project — cards, tags, scrapbooks, and even home decor!

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in November 2023 Dynamic Duo Paradise Flowers and Add On Die Bundle

4: Dynamic Duo: Paradise Flowers & Add-on Die Bundle

There’s a reason paradise flowers are called that way. Bring the beauty of paradise into your crafting projects with this Dynamic Duo set.

The bundle includes the following items:

  • A 3″ x 4″ stamp set with 10 stamps, made from high-quality photopolymer.
  • Two pieces of coordinating stencils, and;
  • A 4-piece matching die set.

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in November 2023 Oval Ink Side Label Set

3: Oval Ink Side Label Set – All Crisp Dye Ink Colors (3 Sheets)

Organization in the craft room is important – it’s frustrating when you reach for something and it’s not there because you misplaced it a minute ago. It’s even frustrating when you can’t immediately find the right ink color you want to use while you’re in the zone.

This label set solves that. These labels were created to fit perfectly around the curved sides of our ink pads, especially the oval-shaped ones. Now, it’s effortless to distinguish between the various colors even when the lids are off. Plus, they’re just cute!

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in November 2023 Ultimate Stampwheel and Accessories Bundle

2: Ultimate Stampwheel & Accessories Bundle

The Stampwheel continues to prove its usefulness as it climbs to the second spot from last month’s #5!

The Ultimate Stampwheel & Accessories Bundle includes the Stampwheel itself, a Low Tack Sticky Mat: Grid. and Center Alignment Guides. This innovative tool is helping crafters everywhere, and is even favored by some of your favorite crafters like Simon Hurley!

@altenew_ Top 10 Crafting Bestsellers in November 2023 Classic Greetings Complete Bundle

1: Classic Greetings (Complete Bundle)

Last but definitely not least for our crafting bestsellers, we have the Classic Greetings Complete Bundle.

This set comes with 18 stamps in a beautiful vintage serif font that Jennifer McGuire herself loves! The bundle also includes a die set for each of the versatile messages and heartwarming sentiments. They can suit any theme and elevate all your DIY crafting projects. 

Let your loved ones know how much you love and appreciate them with this fun bundle of classic greetings!

Best Sellers

Check out this video to see these must-haves in action:

But, these are not the only crafting bestsellers we have. Check out our full collection HERE.

Join crafters everywhere in preparing for the holiday season and check these goodies out. And remember: if they’re out of stock, add them to your wishlist and opt to receive notifications, so you’ll be first to know when we’ve restocked.

Which one of these November crafting bestsellers caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below. Happy crafting, everyone!

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