17 Highly Recommended Crafting Supplies That You Must Have!

by Altenew


Hello, Altenew friends!

We are dropping by with 17 crafting supplies that you must have in your stash! These are highly recommended by us and by our very good friend, Jennifer McGuire. In case you missed it, Jennifer has recently uploaded her annual My Favorite Crafty Things video series. And we know that, like us, you have been waiting for her recommendations as well!

We are truly honored and absolutely ecstatic upon finding out that a few Altenew products made it to her list! We adore and respect Jennifer McGuire and she has been such an amazing supporter of Altenew ever since our humble beginnings.

Project Collage

Of course, we'd like YOU to get in on this too! Without further ado, here are the 17 Altenew products that are highly recommended by Jennifer McGuire!


While it is no secret that Altenew is well-known for our floral layering stamps, one of our Sentiment Stamp Sets made it to Jennifer's list! The Sentiment Strips Stamp Set is indeed THE ONE sentiment stamp set that you should have in your crafting stash. The sentiments included cover a wide range of occasions, and their size is just perfect for stamping onto cardstock strips, along borders, or curved to match design features on your projects.

Let's check out some project inspiration!

Sentiment Strips Example 12

Sentiment Strips Example 13

Sentiment Strips Example 15

Sentiment Strips Example 17

Sentiment Strips Example 23

Layering Stamp Sets

Who wouldn't fall in love with the Rose Blossom Stamp Set?! The gorgeous rose bloom, two leaves, whimsical flower, and cotton sprig will help you create beautiful floral arrangements, but can also be used individually as elements in your cards!

Let's check out some project inspiration!

altenew clear stamps rose blossom stamp set

altenew clear stamps rose blossom stamp set

altenew clear stamps rose blossom stamp set

Rose Blossom Example 2 Rose Blossom Example 3 scaled
The outline image and color-layering images in the Grateful Heart Stamp Set make this set great for both stamping and coloring! No wonder it made its way to Jennifer's Favorite List.

Let's check out some project inspiration!

altenew clear stamps grateful heart stamp set

altenew clear stamps grateful heart stamp set

altenew clear stamps grateful heart stamp set

altenew clear stamps grateful heart stamp set

altenew clear stamps grateful heart stamp set

altenew clear stamps grateful heart stamp set

Grateful Heart Example 1

Grateful Heart Example 2

Grateful Heart Example 3

Grateful Heart Example 4

Another layering stamp set that is perfect for both coloring and stamping is the Ornate Foliage Stamp Set! This stamp is JUST beautiful. That's all we can say.

Let's check out some project inspiration!

Ornate Foliage Example 1

Ornate Foliage Example 6

Ornate Foliage Example 9

Ornate Foliage Example 16

Ornate Foliage Example 25

Ornate Foliage Example 28

The two beautiful leafy branches (in two styles) in the Dot Botanicals Stamp Set caught Jennifer's eye for its uniqueness and the endless creative possibilities that the set offers.

Let's check out some project inspiration!

Dot Botanicals Example 8

Dot Botanicals Example 2

Dot Botanicals Example 15

Dot Botanicals Example 4

Dot Botanicals Example 7 Dot Botanicals Example 10 scaled


We know that many of you are in love with the Leaf Clusters Stamp and Die Set. Guess what? Jennifer LOVES it too! The seven leaf clusters of varying sizes and shapes in this set are great for creating beautiful botanical backgrounds, for adding foliage to floral arrangements, and much more!

Let's check out some project inspiration!

Leaf Clusters Example 3

Leaf Clusters Example 9

Leaf Clusters Example 13

Leaf Clusters Example 17

Leaf Clusters Example 18

Leaf Clusters Example 19

Leaf Clusters Example 25


Dies are always a good investment for crafters. Cover dies, word dies, 3D dies, layering dies – whatever kind of die you fancy, you can never go wrong with them. Here are some Altenew dies that got Jennifer's stamp of approval and you might want to check out as well.

The elegant Fancy Thanks Die is large enough to create a bold statement on your project, yet small enough to leave room for images and embellishments. It will surely elevate your handmade projects!

Let's check out some project inspiration!

Fancy Thanks Example 1

Fancy Thanks Example 2 scaled

Fancy Thanks Example 3

Fancy Thanks Example 4

At the time that this post was written, the Radial Hearts Cover Die was so loved by our customers that it is currently out of stock. However, don't fret! Make sure to subscribe to the in-stock email alert so you'll be notified right away once it's back in our store.

Meanwhile, let's check out some beautiful project inspiration!

Radial Hearts Example 1

Radial Hearts Example 2

Radial Hearts Example 3

Radial Hearts Example 5

Radial Hearts Example 6

You've probably seen the stunning Dotted Swirls Debossing Cover Die on most of Jennifer's cards and we can't blame her for loving this cover die so much. It works so well for any kind of card and handmade project!

Let's check out some project inspiration!

altenew dies dotted swirls debossing cover die

altenew dies dotted swirls debossing cover die

Dotted Swirls Example 8

Dotted Swirls Example 9

Dotted Swirls Example 10

Dotted Swirls Example 7

Dotted Swirls Example 3Adding a touch of luxury to your handmade projects is easy as pie with the Delicate Mandala Die! Need we say more?

Let's check out some project inspiration!

Delicate Mandala Example 1

Delicate Mandala Example 2

Delicate Mandala Example 4

Delicate Mandala Example 7

Delicate Mandala Example 8

Inspired by Wycinanki (Vee-chee-non-key), which is an art of papercutting that is famous in Poland, the Polish Papercuts 3D Die has been the talk of the town upon its release, and rightfully so! This amazing and unique 3D die will give you instantly beautiful creations.

Let's check out some project inspiration!

Polish Papercuts Example 11

Polish Papercuts Example 12

Polish Papercuts Example 7

Polish Papercuts Example 10

Polish Papercuts Example 4

Polish Papercuts Example 13

Do you have these stamps and dies? Comment below and let us know! We'd also like to hear which stamp set and die set would you like to add to your crafting collection!


Haven't invested in stencils yet? Well, this is your chance! Check out the Altenew stencils that are highly-recommended by the amazing Jennifer.

Who's a fan of clean and simple designs? The simple geometric design in the Bubble Wrap Stencil is gender neutral so it will work great on all of your handmade projects.

Here's some project inspiration!

Bubble Wrap Example 8

Bubble Wrap Example 13 scaled

Bubble Wrap Example 15

Bubble Wrap Example 16 scaled

Bubble Wrap Example 17

Bubble Wrap Example 19If you're looking for a fun and unique stencil, then make sure you check out the Diamond Builder Stencil! If you watch Jennifer's My Favorite Crafty Things 2019: Stencils, she beautifully demonstrated how this incredible stencil works.

Here's some project inspiration!

Diamond Builder Example 7

Diamond Builder Example 6 scaled

Diamond Builder Example 5

Diamond Builder Example 4

Diamond Builder Example 3

Diamond Builder Example 1 scaled


To wrap up this post, we'd like to share Jennifer's favorite Altenew inks, in case you're looking to buy some.  Not to toot our own horn, but a couple of weeks after its release, the Obsidian Pigment Ink was immediately SOLD OUT! Don't worry! It's back in our store now and you can get it HERE.  This oil-based black pigment ink is perfect for stamping extremely fine and detailed images.

Product Collage

Jennifer also mentioned how much she's loving our Enchanted Gold Pigment Ink and Antique Gold Pigment Ink! If you want to see these gorgeous inks in action (and want to know which one has a “shimmer” and which one is more “solid”), feel free to check out her video here.

Like what Jennifer said in her videos, every crafter is different. We all have different tastes and preferences in crafting supplies, different skill levels, different cardmaking techniques, etc. Some products might work so well for one crafter, but not for another. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what products work well for you. We do know, however, that many cardmakers are fans of the incredibly talented Jennifer and find her cardmaking video tutorials and product suggestions extremely helpful. We hope this post helped you decide whether or not to try these Altenew products and, of course, we hope you got LOTS of beautiful project inspiration as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

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jellybeanerz December 19, 2019 - 11:28 AM

Wow! This was one of THE BEST Emails ever of 2019!! Love all of the products, projects and designers! Truly outstanding! Happy Holidays to all!

JanisSpear December 19, 2019 - 12:05 PM

I have been watching Jennifer for a few years, and first heard about Altenew from her. I have been following Altenew since then and simply love the products. I am not surprised Altenew items were in the list.
Congratulations, Altenew. May you be on many more “must have” lists in the future. <3 <3 <3

Elaine McDonald December 21, 2019 - 5:19 AM

Products are very nice. The sentiment stamp is my favorite and i like thedotted leaf and die set. Love the stencils thank you for the inspiration with all the samples. I watch alot of Jennifer McGuire videos and your products are a favorite of hers

LiCous December 19, 2019 - 1:59 PM

I started watching Jennifer McGuire this year which lead me to Altenew as well. I love so many of your products and have them on my wish lists! I just received the the festive watercolor marker set and am excited to try them out!

Nina Houghton December 19, 2019 - 2:26 PM

Jennifer McGuire is one of my five favorite artists for her consistently high-quality videos, her wonderful teaching style, and her amazing talent. When a product makes her list, you know you can trust it and will love it

Barb in kazoo December 20, 2019 - 5:11 AM

Wonderful post. A great recap. I love the slate new products and your inspiration team is outstanding. I’m feeling a need to go pull out my layering dies and stamp.

Luisa December 27, 2019 - 8:20 AM

So many beautiful products and creations! Thank you Altenew for the fantastic 2019 you offered


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